Easy Pork Ulam Recipes Using Pigue

This pork cut is what you usually buy for your everyday ulam dishes.

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There are two common pork cuts that vie for your attention every time you visit the meat section: the pigue and the kasim. These two large pork cuts are usually the cheapest among the pork cuts available. These are commonly left whole so you can do what you want with the pork according to the dish you plan to cook. 

However, how do you know which is the best pork cut to use in the recipe: the pigue or the kasim? If you're having a hard time answering that question, maybe you should know what the pigue is. 

What is pork pigue? 

The pork pigue is a pork cut that is also known as the pork ham, the pork leg, or fresh ham. It's taken from the upper portion of the hind leg. It's known as a "ham" since this is the same pork cut that is commonly seasoned and cured to make into your annual Christmas ham. 


The pigue is a pretty meaty cut, and that's why it's common to see this pork cut with the skin and fat still on. It's also a leaner, less fatty cut despite all the connective tissues that are present. That's why this cut requires more tenderizing than other cuts of the pork, and it's great for stews or roasts with long cooking times.

The pork kasim meanwhile is also known as both pork butt and the pork shoulder. It is part of the pork shoulder joint near the head. The kasim supplies plenty of both fat and meat to make your pork dishes naturally flavorful and juicy. 

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Still unsure what cut pork is best? That's okay! Only for certain dishes is the pork cut critical. For your everyday ulam dishes, you can actually use either pork cut so why not choose the pigue? 

If you want to use pork pigue in your ulam recipes, here are easy ulam recipes to try using the pork cut: 

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1 Pork Nilaga Recipe 

A nilaga is actually a method of cooking. "Nilaga" basically means "simmered" or "boiled", and the most popular version of the nilaga recipe is the beef version. However, that doesn't mean you cannot use another kind of meat in your ulam recipe. 


Swap out the tougher beef for more tender pork in this super easy recipe that requires you basically just boil all the ingredients together into a flavorful meal. 

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2 Korean Pork Stir-fry Recipe 

A simple stir fry can be a deceptive recipe. Despite it being a fast cooking recipe, the ingredients list may be longer than the procedure. That means lots of prep time is devoted to the dish instead of to the cooking of it. 


Don't be dismayed by this recipe though. If you love Korean flavors, you might want to take a chance just to see if this is worthy of being part of your dinner when you host a K-drama barkada marathon. All the flavors are definitely Korean, from the gochujang and gochugaru seasonings to the use of kimchi and zucchini.  


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3 Chili-Garlic Adobo Recipe 

Adobo is a common enough dish that you may not need any recipe at all to make it! You may even have your own version that you turn to every time you want adobo. However, for those days when you want to spice things up with your adobo, why not try this recipe? 

At first glance, it seems like a simple and normal enough adobo recipe. However, there are a few tricks in the recipe to make it fast, easy, and super flavorful. First, use a pressure cooker to speed up the tenderizing of the pork. Second, the adobo sauce is made extra tasty with the addition of the chili-garlic sauce. Feel free to add more or less than listed. (Spice it the way you like!). Finally, the dish is simmered until the sauce is thickened so you get a delicious combination of saucy and dry pieces. The sauce ensures that the tuyo pieces are not dry and tough to eat. 


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4 Batangas-Style Menudo Recipe  

A classic menudo recipe is a saucy dish. The tomato sauce is the basis of the sauce of the stew. It's made with small chunks of pork pigue, pork liver, hot dogs, carrots, and potatoes. 

The Batangas version however is less saucy than its recipe cousin. When it's got raisins for its sweetness, green peas for its pop of color, and is almost dry, you have a different kind of menudo on your dinner table that's still delicious enough to be your ulam of the day. 



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