You Need To Try These Ulam Recipes Using Pork Ribs

It's the buto-buto that make these dishes delicious!

Pork ribs are meaty chunks of pork that are often thought of just for grilling and barbecuing. Did you know that there are three kinds of pork cuts you can get from just the ribs alone? These are:

  • • baby back ribs
  • • American-style ribs or also know as the St. Louis style ribs 
  • • spareribs

The baby back ribs are found just above the pork ribs cut, closer to the spine. You’ll notice it’s where the curve of the ribs start or where the rib bones meet the spinal column but are cut much smaller in size than the pork ribs, hence the term “baby”. These ribs are also the most tender as well as the meatiest part of the ribs. 

The American-style ribs might be the most popular ribs on the market. It’s cut from the underside of the belly of the pig where the rib cage is widest. These are characterized by the almost perfect rectangular shape that butchers shaped and trimmed. 

Pork ribs come in different cuts!
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The big difference between the American-style pork ribs and the spareribs, also known as the rib tips is that the rectangular-shaped pork ribs are cut from a whole slab of ribs. What remains on the part where the ends of the ribs are located are the spareribs. 


You don’t need a grill or barbecue to enjoy any of these pork cuts every day! Are you ready to make some pork rib dishes? If you have tried these tasty pork ribs recipes already, here are more to try and taste: 

Photo by Toto Labrador

1 Kinamatisang Buto-buto (Pork Bones and Tomato Stew) Recipe

A simple and delicious pork stew from buto buto or pork ribs can be made with just tomatoes, a little seasoning, and water. This dish relies on the flavorful stock that is made with the pork and its bones and the tangy flavor of the tomatoes that makes this even easier to make than a sinigang sa baboy

Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Orange Spareribs Recipe 

How delicious would pork need to be to make it irresistible? How about slathering it with a sticky orange-infused glaze? This orange spareribs recipe is a tasty dish that marries sweet and savory flavors into one dish. It’s got a sticky-sweet and tangy glaze with a little bite from the garlic that makes you lick your fingers with every bite. 


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Photo by Photography by Miguel Nacianceno| Prop Styling by Idge Mendiola

3 Taosi Spareribs Recipe  

This is a brilliant way of making simple dishes flavorful. The taosi or tausi, fermented black beans, make up the majority of the flavors that are paired with the pork. The ingredients are common and simply tossed together before being steamed until tender. The addition of a little meat tenderizer, usually a chemical found and extracted from the papaya or pineapple, makes cooking the pork until tender faster and easier.

This dish is commonly found on Chinese dim sum menus but that doesn’t mean it can’t be served with a steaming bowl of rice, too. 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Cola Baby Back Ribs Recipe 

Cola or any dark soft drink is what makes these sweet and sticky ribs irresistible! The soda is a delicious and more flavorful replacement for the brown sugar that is usually used for barbecue sauce. Instead of just sweetness and a little molasses flavor, you get all the tasty nuances you taste when you take a sip in the sauce of these ribs!


Doesn’t that sound awesome and irresistible to you? 

5 Tamarind Ribs Recipe 

Tamarind also known as sampaloc is delicious when made into the soup dish the sinigang sa sampaloc. It’s so good, it has been named as one of the world’s best vegetable soups! So, imagine the tangy flavors of the tamarind in a sweet and easy-to-make barbecue sauce. You just need a few ingredients to make this tamarind barbecue sauce and it starts with the sampaloc candy you love eating as a snack.  

All you really need to do with these pork rib recipes is to make sure that the pork is tender. The other ingredients are there to make sure that the pork dish is tasty and delicious so you can always have a meal that will have you eagerly anticipating every meal you make. 


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