Make Delicious Ulam Recipes With Pork Kasim

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The pork kasim is a cut that you will commonly find in the butcher shop or meat section of your supermarket. It's one of the most common pork cuts you'll encounter and it's also one of the cuts that are left whole. That's because there is so much you can do with this pork cut! 

You get a few benefits when you shop for a whole cut of meat. You not only save money because little to no effort was made to prepare the cut, but you are also sure of what cut you have and thus know how to cook it properly. You also can be in charge of how big or small the pork cuts are, so you can better ensure that the pork dish you're cooking will cook evenly. 

The other best thing about having a whole cut of pork is that you know it's one of the fresher cuts of meat in the display case. That's because the butcher usually reserves these cuts for cutting up later when the other already prepared cuts of meat, such as the adobo cuts and the liempo slices have been bought. Also, when a special order comes in, the butcher still has the ability to accommodate the request since he still has a whole cut to work with. It's better to cook adobo using big cubes of pork instead of menudo-cut pork cubes since this cut would be too small for the dish you're cooking. 


This popular cut, also known as the pork shoulder, can be used in many dishes. Here are recipes to try using the pork kasim

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1 Pinoy-style Pork Barbecue Recipe  

The Pinoy way of making barbecue is deliciously sweet and tangy. It's also very tender, and part of that reason is the pork cut used. For those who want naturally tender cuts of pork, the kasim supplies plenty of both fat and meat to make your pork barbecue naturally flavorful. 


Another ingredient that makes this recipe so addictive is that the barbecue marinade is made with both calamansi juice and a lemon-lime soda. Both the calamansi and the soda tenderize the meat while enhancing the other flavors that have been added to the marinade. But the great thing with soda is that it is less harsh than citrus juices or vinegar, and thus, soda won't cook the meat before it has done its job.

Succulent and tasty with a sauce that's sweet and meat that's tender is what Pinoy-style barbecue is all about. 


2 Pulled Pork Sliders Recipe

Want a fun and delicious way of eating pork on a weekend? This recipe that seeks super tender pork shredded and stuffed into mini buns are a great way to make the weekend different. The pork is a delicious combination of flavor and texture since it is cooked until it's so tender, it will literally fall apart if you pierce it with a fork. That's exactly what you'll need (Just two forks!) to shred this pork when it's done cooking. 

Keep it moist and delicious with a little of the sauce stirred in and you'll have a mini burger that will rival any that a fast food resto can offer. You don't even have to stuff this into buns! Serve with steaming hot fried rice and it's still a delicious meal to enjoy. 

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3 Pork Carnitas Recipe 

If you're feeling a little like having a Mexican-inspired meal, this pork carnitas recipe should do the trick! Carnitas is basically meat, usually pork, that has been simmered until tender and then usually stuffed into tacos or tortillas. This can be in soft tacos, rolled up in as a burrito, or placed into corn taco shells for that classic Mexican meal. The American slider may have taken this as inspiration for its pulled pork dish. 

Skip the taco and the tortilla and serve it with some Mexican rice or as an open-faced burrito to make it more ulam friendly. 

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4 Pork and Potato Stew Recipe 

A pork stew is an easy and delicious way to enjoy pork in something saucy. If you love dishes that have a creamy sauce, this pork stew may be what you want to make. Paired with creamy soft potatoes, the pork is the meaty component of this dish that will make it appetizing as an ulam idea. This is like the ulam version of what could be a creamy potato salad that has pork instead of chicken.  

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