How To Put A Delicious + Crispy Twist On Your Family’s Favorite Ulam

Challenge yourself and make these delicious dishes today!

The frozen section of groceries and supermarkets is a treasure trove of savory and easy-to-cook meat ingredients. And with a bit of creativity, these food items can transform your usual ulam into a mouthwatering meal.

One ingredient you should definitely stock up on? The CDO Crispy Burger!

CDO Crispy Burger is a flavorful and meaty beef patty that has an exciting crispy twist. Each meat patty is coated with crispy and crunchy breadcrumbs that make it exciting and fun to eat — especially for kids! It’s also very easy to cook. Just fry each side of the burger for 3 to 4 minutes until golden brown, and you’re done!

What’s great about CDO Crispy Burger is that while it’s juicy and delectable on its own, it’s also a versatile ingredient that can bring out your creativity in the kitchen!

To get you inspired, here are three ways to use CDO Crispy Burger to put an exciting crispy and crunchy twist on classic ulam recipes.

CDO Crispy Burger Caldereta

Who said you have to be limited to using beef chunks when making this tomato-based stew? CDO Crispy Burger actually makes for a meaty and crunchy alternative!

By choosing to use this as your main ingredient, you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, too. You can cut back on your prep and cooking time because you don’t have to boil tough meat cuts anymore. Instead, you’ll just have to spend a couple of minutes frying CDO Crispy Burger to golden perfection!

Make sure to prepare extra cups of rice when you make this dish! Get the complete recipe here.

CDO Crispy Burger Kare-Kare

Imagine cooking kare-kare that’s still delicious and hearty but with less effort? Sounds wonderful, right? It’s not an unattainable dream when you have CDO Crispy Burger on hand!

You can still make your family’s favorite kare-kare with all the bells and whistles — juicy and nutritious veggies like eggplant, sitaw, and pechay; a sweet-nutty-savory sauce, but this time with crunchy and crispy beef patties that will surely win over your kids!

Interested in trying it? Follow this recipe.

Sweet And Sour CDO Crispy Burger

Pork and fried fish are the usual sahog in sweet and sour recipes. But with CDO Crispy Burger, you can turn this dish into a mouthwatering, crispy ulam that may even become one of your family’s favorite meaty dishes.

Make sure to fry CDO Crispy Burger patties properly so they still retain their delicious crunch even after cooking them in the sweet and sour sauce.

Try your hand in making this delectable dish with this recipe.

Satisfy your family’s #CRISPINASAYA cravings by upgrading their favorite ulam!

Shop CDO Crispy Burger in the frozen section of groceries and supermarkets nationwide, via CDO Home Delivery, and in CDO’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.

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