A Simple Trick To Make Meatballs Better: Add Chicharon To It!

Chicharon is irresistible! Whether you love the pork rind chicharon or the crunchy chicken skin, chicharon will always be the crispy, crunchy, and savory bite snack that a lot of people love.  It's just not chicharon if it doesn't have that crunch!


We do know that there are only so many things you can do with chicharon and using it as a topping is one of our favorite ways to make it into more than just a snack. By adding it to our main meals, we just made it perfectly okay to eat at any time of the day, not just for merienda! 

Another genius way to use it? Add it to meatballs

Meatballs are just ground meat made tastier with lots of seasonings and then cooked. It's usually served with a sauce, in a sauce, or served on something else. That's why we think this pork chicharon meatball recipe is brilliant: it not only adds crushed chicharon into the ground pork mix, but it is also served in a slightly tangy tomato soup that mimics the tanginess you expect if it were served with the vinegar dip. 

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If you're curious how we incorporated chicharon into meatballs, here is the recipe: 

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If this recipe doesn't satisfy your curiosity about chicharon, here are more chicharon recipes you may want to try at home: 

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1 Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe

We have a fantastic way of cooking innards that is really quite unique, and this is one of the most delicious and crispiest ways. The use of pork ruffle fat intestines for this chicharon creates a pretty, almost flower-like effect. That ruffle effect is exactly why these are called chicharon bulaklak.

The trick here is that when you do want to make this at home, you have to source the best meat. Go to your suki or a trusted butcher for the freshest pork ruffle fat intestines you can buy! You'll want to make sure that it's been cleaned and rinsed well even before you take it home so you know that your chicharon will be the best you will ever have. 

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2 Bagnet Chicharon Recipe 

Bagnet is really chicharon in Ilocos so this recipe title may sound like it's redundant. However, if you're not from Ilocos, this is the best way to describe this crispy and spiced-up version of the bagnet or chicharon since it's the sun-dried pork belly bagnet that's used to make this crispy version of a chicharon.   


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Bacon Chicharon Recipe 

How can you go wrong with a chicharon recipe that's made with bacon? Not only do you get a terrifically tasty slice with every piece of this chicharon, but you also get an even more intense crispness than you would normally get with this breakfast food! There's no oiliness to worry about with this recipe either! The fat that normally would render when fried is made crunchy instead. What's the best part about this recipe? It's fast (2 to 3 minutes of cooking only!) and easy to make, too. 

Photo by Zoe Del Rosario

4 Chicken Skin Recipe 

Chicken skin came to our lives with a bang! Previously, it was just the remnants of our filleting tasks or else, tossed out with the rest of the carcass when it wasn't needed. Now, with the increased demand for this fantastic ingredient, the chicken skin chicharon is the chicharon that had been waiting for its time in the spotlight and finally found its time. It's easy to make and it's incredibly tasty when done right. The hardest part of this recipe is collecting all those chicken skins before you can make a nice big batch to finally munch on.   


We think there are more ways you can eat chicharon and using it as a topping or an ingredient in your meals is the move. Here are the dishes we think you should top with crunchy crushed chicharon

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5 Pancit Puti with Chicharon Recipe 

Pancit recipes are notorious for being loaded with toppings, so it should not be a surprise when one of those many toppings include crushed chicharon. After all, when you're eating pancit, more likely than not, there's a celebration of sorts happening and chicharon is one way to make a pancit better. Even without the excuse of a party, pancit topped with chicharon is a great way of having an excuse to have this crunchy snack with your meal.     


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6 Pakbet Ilocano Recipe 

The Ilocanos have different ways of making their version of more popular dishes but the pakbet is one of their original dishes, along with the bagnet and Ilocos empanadaPakbet or pinakbet allegedly means "to shrivel" or "shriveled". That's exactly what happens to these vegetable ingredients with the bagoong, which is added to intensely season the entire dish. The flavorful veggie mix, which have all wilted as these cooked, is just waiting for some crunch, and that's exactly what the chicharon gives to this dish. You'll see exactly what we mean when you cook this low-land veggie dish.  

Photo by Majoy Siason

7 Adobong Kangkong with Chicharon Recipe 

Side dishes don't get as much love as main dishes do but this is one side dish that you will reconsider. It's water spinach or kangkong tossed in a classic adobo sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, pepper, and bay leaves. This is simple combination is topped with crushed chicharon so it's got that crunch that this would otherwise not have. Now isn't this a side dish you'd love to have on your table? 


8 Kare-Kare Pasta Recipe 

This is one dish where Filipino meets Italian cuisine! It's a fusion recipe but still maintains the simplicity of a regular pasta recipe. The peanuty sauce, or kare-kare sauce, is made as normal but instead of being tossed with the usual vegetables, pork shanks, and tenderized ox tripe strips, this sauce is tossed with noodles, made creamier with all-purpose cream, and made even more irresistible with a scattering of crushed chicharon bulaklak. There's no meat but that chicharon makes up for its absence.  

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Whether you love the chicharon bulaklak or the new chicharon in town the chicken skin, you know you can easily make either of these snacks at home. What's more, you can make an excuse to add it to your meals so that should you get a craving, you can easily satisfy it with a little ingenuity while cooking. 




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