Good-For-You Dishes You Can Prepare

Take advantage of your weekend market vegetable haul with these easy recipes.

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One of the best reasons to use more vegetables in your cooking is its quick-cooking properties. Vegetables are some of the quickest ingredients to cook in recipes and in fact, some vegetables don't even have to be cooked at all! Just give these veggies a quick chop or two, toss it in a delicious and flavorful sauce, and it's ready to serve! 

If you've been visiting the weekend markets and taking advantage of the surplus of vegetables available, you must adore the different kinds of produce that we have access to. We don't blame you and to help you get the most out of your haul every weekend, we have recipes that will use those vegetables and turn it into a dish that you will super appetizing.  

Here are the vegetable recipes that we think you should give a try: 

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1 Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe 

Take full advantage of the quick-cooking properties of vegetables using this equally quick cooking method: the stir fry. A quick toss in a wok over high heat will not only cook your vegetables, but it will also char them as soon as it hits the pan, giving it a flavor that's unparalleled elsewhere in the culinary world. Plus, anything with quick-cooking shrimp gives this dish a mighty flavor and appetizing look, too. 

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2 Pinoy Veggie Salad Recipe

One great reason to have a salad is the fact that there is little to no cooking involved. However, we think that the salad has more to offer than just that. Plus, for anyone who doesn't like green leafy salads, there are salad recipes that take that dislike and make it work for you like this recipe. This recipe has ingredients you can find almost anywhere because it's all local ingredients. Plus, how can you resist a tangy-salty vinaigrette salad dressing that's made with bagoong Balayaan? This is the closest thing you can get to a pinakbet recipe that requires little cooking! 

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3  Mixed Veggie Bowl Recipe 

The hardest task you will be doing when making this buddha bowl of vegetables might be whisking all the ingredients of the dressing together. It's either that or trying to decide how best to put this bowl of gorgeous veggie-packed ingredients together (it's Instagram-worthy, too!).

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4 Chicken Cabbage Salad Recipe 

If you hate the fact that salads have little to no meat in it, this Vietnamese recipe should relive your mind and delight your taste buds. This otherwise fresh salad of thinly shredded cabbage, grated carrots, and grated labanos or radish is topped with a mound of simply boiled and shredded chicken rubbed with sesame oil.

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5 Kani and Mango Fresh Spring Roll Recipe 

Give the Vietnamese credit for taking fresh ingredients and doing little to it other than rolling it up in rice paper! These fresh spring rolls are a fantastic reason to use your kani sticks, sweet ripened mangoes, and refreshing cucumber slivers into a roll that isn't a sushi roll! This combination is just fantastic served with some simple Japanese mayo served on the side. 


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6 Vegetable Fritters Recipe 

Got picky-eating kids who just won't eat their veggies? Don't fret. Try this recipe that just might make anyone who is choosy about their vegetables eat these deep-fried vegetables. The trick here is to prepare the vegetables so they won't even know what they're eating! Plus, it helps that these not only look like chicken nuggets, but these also taste fantastic! These are packed with stuff they might otherwise not give a taste at all!  

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This vegetable bean stew is healthy and extremely delicious!
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7 Vegetable and Bean Stew Recipe 

Sometimes the most simple of recipes can be the most flavorful. Stewing is a great example of a cooking method that can take the simplest of ingredients, such as vegetables and beans, and turn it into a dish that's loaded with incredible flavor. Plus, it's a hearty version that won't make you feel guilty on a meatless day. 

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Vegetables make fantastic ingredients for more than just adding bulk to an otherwise lonely looking pork, chicken, beef, or seafood dish. It can be the star of the table, too! The best way to take advantage of the flavors is to use it in as many ways possible. Make your veggies count as more than just the side dish and you will not only be cooking good-for-you dishes, you will be doing your heart and body a favor, too.



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