Take a Taste Tour of Visayas: 7 Recipes to Try

Create these Visayan favorites for your family at home!

Filipino cuisine is as diverse as it can get. The Visayas region has dishes that are well-loved and bursting with vibrant flavors! Whip them up at home and share them with friends and family—they will thank you for it. 




1 Humba

Humba is popularly known as the Visayas region's version of adobo. Enjoy this sour and slightly sweet flavor combination with lots of steamed rice!




2  Pocherong Bisaya

The light lemongrass-infused broth of Visayan pochero is both hearty and comforting. Use the freshest produce possible to make this dish shine.




3  La Paz Batchoy

The ultimate Filipino noodle soup is a favorite for a reason. Dig into firm egg noodles that swim in a slow-cooked broth with lots of flavorful toppings: crunchy garlic, chicharon bits, green onions, and lots of pork!




4  Chicken Inasal

Bacolod-style chicken inasal uses annatto seeds and oil (atsuete) to flavor the chicken. Turn up the grill to get that smoky flavor! 




5  Lumpiang Ubod

Negros Occidental boasts one of its most refreshing dishes that Pinoys love to enjoy on a hot day: heart of palm wrapped into a delicious egg roll! 




6  Chicken Molo Soup

Also known as pancit molo, this soup has soft chicken wonton in it's broth. Snuggle into it on a rainy day. 



7  Kinilaw

This popular Visayan dish is among the most simple to make. Use the freshest fish you can find and make enough to share with the family! 




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