WATCH: Here's some inspo for your future food biz

Let this heartwarming video inspire you to become a food entrepreneur.

WATCH: Here's some inspo for your future food biz

What’s the recipe for a successful food business? For entrepreneurial and hardworking Pinoys, it’s usually a happy childhood memory. There’s no doubt that family values play a big role.


In this video, which has been making the rounds of both Filipino and foreign websites, we see how a passion for creating divine treats is passed on from one generation to another. Meet Kassie, then and now: as a food entrepreneur and as her grandma’s little angel, helping Lola Linda whip up a batch of heavenly chocolates. Now, Kassie is on her way to her grandma to give her a sweet surprise.



What’s your own family’s treasured recipe? It could be the secret to your own success in the food business—which is sweeter when you can share it with the people who first inspired you, like your own lola.


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