WATCH: You Can Make This Korean Beef Stew

It's sweet, savory, and perfect with rice. Plus, this version has bulalo!

The Korean invasion is still going as strong as ever! Korean chicken wings are still as popular as ever with its intense crunch, but there's more to that country than just chicken wings. Korea has a beef stew that is unlike any other beef stew, and we think that may be why it's so delicious. 

Just like their wings, the Korean beef stew is tasty and packed with flavor. However, it's nothing like any beef stew you have ever tasted before.

How do you make a Korean beef stew recipe? 

For one, it's more like a soup than a stew. It's sweet and savory at the same time, and it's packed with shimeji and shiitake mushrooms which amps up the umami taste of this Asian stew. 

Curious how it's made? Watch the video and follow along to the full recipe here: 

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