5 Delicious Ways to Cook Sisig

Get creative with this Pinoy appetizer!



Sisig is a popular Kapampangan pork dish made of different pig parts: pig jowls and ears are usually used and seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. Chopped pig parts are marinated in a soy sauce-vinegar sauce, boiled, broiled, then grilled and cooked with chopped onions and served on a sizzling plate. Some cook them with eggs and ox brains, add pork cracklings (chicharon) and even mayonnaise.

Lucia Cunanan of Angeles, Pampanga is credited to have invented this pork dish and there are many delicious variations available in restaurants all over the Philippines.

Game to try cooking sisig at home? You can try this easy pork sisig recipe or check out these equally tasty ways to cook this Pinoy appetizer:


Tofu Sisig

There can be a healthier take on this Kapampangan classic dish.


Tuna Sisig

Got canned tuna? Use it for your next sisig dish.

Chicken Sisig Soft Tacos

A wrap  that combines both Pinoy and Mexican flavors? We’re in!

Sisig Carbonara

Instead of pancetta, ham, or bacon, why not try using sisig?


Krispy Pata Sisig

Crispy pork knuckles in your fave bar chow takes indulgence and pigging out a step further.


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