10 Ways to Cut Fat From Your Meals


Losing weight doesn't mean having zero flavor in your food. It's all a matter of tweaking your favorite recipes a little.  Here, we’ve got tips on how to slash fat and calories from your dishes without cutting flavor:

1. The long and shortening of it.
Here are ways to cut the oil while frying and sautéing:

           •    Invest in a non-stick pan, so you can use little to no fat.

           •    Instead of sautéing and stir-frying in oil, use broth instead. It boosts the flavor while cutting down the fat.

           •    Choose canola or olive oil instead of vegetable oil or butter.

           •    Make it a habit to measure oil before cooking instead of pouring it straight from the bottle. This way, you can control the amount you use, and save, too!



2. Chill!
Chill soups and stews in the refrigerator before serving, then skim the fat that rises to the top. Reheat and serve once the grease is removed.

3. Pass on the salt. To enhance flavor, opt for herbs, pepper, low salt or salt-free seasonings, like low-sodium soy sauce. It’s also a good idea to skip processed foods such as canned goods and cold cuts as those are loaded with salt and preservatives.

4. Show some steam spirit! If you’re really into calorie-counting and losing weight, steaming will do wonders. It preserves your food’s vitamins and nutrients better than other cooking techniques. The best candidates for steaming are fish and vegetables. Don’t have a steamer? Use a rice cooker or pop your food in a microwave, using a covered dish.

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5. Be grill-minded. Grilling and broiling use a direct heat source, making food not just smoky and flavorful, but cook quickly, too.


6. Take it easy, cheesy!
Avoid soft and cream cheeses as they are high in fat. Try lower-fat cheeses like Edam (quezo de bola), Gouda, and cottage cheese on your sandwiches and pasta instead.

7. Take it off! When cooking meats,  go for leaner cuts and trim off visible fat before cooking. And for poultry meats, peel off the skin before cooking because the skin is high in fat and cholesterol, too.

8. Never stay hungry. Ironically, eating small meals more often actually helps you lose weight. Make sure you grab something to eat whenever you feel hunger pangs. But make sure you munch on protein-rich snacks like yogurt, a tuna sandwich, chicken breast as protein helps you feel full longer than carbs.

9.  Break the fast! Breakfast isn't called the most important meal of the day for nothing. Eating a healthy meal in the morning fuels your body for the day ahead, jumpstarts your metabolism, and makes you eat less throughout the day.


10. Forget take out! Avoiding fast food doesn't just cut calories but saves money, time, and your health. Fast-food takes at least 30 minutes, while making a sandwich at home takes just five minutes. There's no greater satisfaction or pride like your own creation.

With a little creativity, calorie-cutting should be fun.  Happy fat-free eating!

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