Weekday Recipes for Busy Moms

Don't be a slave to the stove with these easy meals that can be prepared in under 30 minutes.




Weekday cooking can be tough: mornings are rushed and there are plenty of tasks to finish before the day ends. These fast and easy recipes require minimal prep and cooking time. Remember to read through the recipes several times to cook seamlessly through the steps: this will minimize rookie kitchen mistakes that can eat up your time, like scrambling for one ingredient after the other! 



Brown Rice Champorado

This is a healthier version of the Pinoy breakfast favorite: chocolate rice pudding! With deeply dark cocoa and high-fiber brown rice, a low-calorie breakfast is only a few minutes away. Watch how you can make the traditional Pinoy champorado here



Olive and Feta Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are one of those recipes that you can keep coming back to because of how easy they are to prepare! Toss them with veggies and your favorite no-cook pasta sauce





Crunchy, golden brown wrapper and tasty shrimp-and-pork filling? Delicious! Tie it all together with an easy dipping sauce recipe. 




Filipinos love this comforting meatball soup. Misua (fine rice noodles) cooks in minutes, and you can load up this soup with plenty of healthy veggies. 



Chicken Barbecue

Marinate the chicken overnight and simply grill or pan-sear each piece seven minutes per side. With barely any prep and 15 minutes of cooking, you'll have plenty of leftover time to catch up on sleep! 



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Cooking during the workweek need not be stressful.

More from Yummy.ph
These low-fuss dishes are as quick and easy as they get.


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