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This Hungarian version of the longganisa is spicy and delicious!

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Filipinos have a love affair with the sausage. Just like there are numerous ways to make and cook adobo, there are many ways as well to prepare and enjoy the humble sausage, or more commonly known in the Philippines as the longganisa or longganiza. We love it in all its forms and tastes. A trip down to a certain region in the country might yield a version that is sweet and sticky or hamonado, and we love it just as much when it is loaded with garlic with tangy, sour notes from the vinegar or de recado.  

Beyond the Philippines, there are just as many kinds of sausage, especially in Europe where the sausage was created. The term "sausage" is from the Middle English word "sausige". In Spain, the most popular sausage is the chorizo but it should be noted that "sausage" when translated in Spanish also goes by "embutido". This might explain why the "embutido" we know locally are made with ground meat and are commonly shaped like thick sausages.  


What Is A Sausage 

In culinary termssausage is a mixture of ground meat seasoned with spices, herbs, and other ingredients, and this seasoned meat is typically pushed into and encased in intestines. These are twisted to create different sizes of links as desired or left long to shape into circular sausage rounds. These are made fresh and then commonly smoked, cured, dried, or simply steamed or boiled until cooked before serving. The sausage was originally made to help preserve the meat, the spices and herbs added to not only make the sausages more flavorful when finally eaten but also to help mask off-flavors that may have developed before the meat was made into sausages. 

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There are so many ways and kinds of sausages that can be made, but one popular version that has crossed its country's borders is the Hungarian sausage. 

The sausage is great on its own or added to dishes.
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What Is A Hungarian Sausage

The Hungarian sausage is a sausage commonly made in Hungary. Known as the hazi kolbasz (HAH-zee KOOL-bahss), the traditional sausage is made with ground meat, which can be pork, beef, lamb, or any combination of these, two kinds of paprika, hot and sweet, caraway seeds, garlic, black pepper, salt for seasoning, and sometimes, a little sugar to balance out the savoriness of the meat and spices. These differences in ingredients and even the addition of black pepper and garlic are what make the Hungarian sausage different from one region to the next. These sausages are traditionally smoked and dried. 

The Hungarian sausage available in the Philippines is typically lightly smoked and cooked like a fresh sausage. It has a mildly spicy flavor profile, courtesy of the black pepper instead of the hot paprika. Made with ground pork and beef, the local Hungarian sausage is reddish-orange in color because of the paprika. While not traditional, you can even find some are stuffed with cheese. 


How To Cook Hungarian Sausage

Cooking the Hungarian sausage is a matter of preference. It's easy enough to simply treat it like you would a normal hot dog: boiled in water or fried in a little oil to give it extra flavor. For those who want to give it an even smokier flavor, cooking it on a charcoal grill or even a grill pan is a great option to do just that. 

The Hungarian sausage is a great meaty hot dog to add to your menu of dishes for the weekend but it can also be included in dishes for your weekday (or even weeknight dinner) menu, too. Here are some recipes to help you easily add the Hungarian sausage to your ulam recipe lineup: 

1 Spicy Sausage Bun Recipe 

Photo by Patrick Martires | Styling by Elaine P. Lim

You can't go wrong with simply placing a sausage into a hot dog bun! For this recipe, however, we think it's perfectly okay to level it up a notch or two with bacon and an easy ground meat chili to make it extra appetizing! 

You can even chop the sausage up and stir fry it with onions and peppers that you can serve on the side or stuffed into a sub! 

2 Patatas Bravas with Sausage Recipe

Photo by Majoy Siason

Not a fan of the Hungarian sausage? This can easily be swapped with the more familiar chorizo or even your favorite regular hot dog to give this potato dish a meaty element that instantly takes it into ulam territory. Filipinos do love their carb-on-carb pairings! 

3 Sausage Mac and Cheese Recipe

Photo by Dairy Darilag

creamy mac and cheese recipe is always lacking in meat so it's no wonder that this pasta dish is commonly topped with bacon bits. Bacon is delicious but sausages are meatier, so this version uses sliced Hungarian sausages to give it not just the meatiness adults are looking for in their grown-up version. It also delivers the spiciness that just might make this mac and cheese extra appetizing for those who love a bit of heat. 

You can even swap the cheese sauce with a spicy tomato one to make a tangy pasta version

4 Pork, Sausage, and Bean Stew Recipe 


Stews are commonly made with meat chunks because these are the tough cuts that need time to become soft and tender to eat. Tough cuts also make these types of dishes more affordable since the more expensive cuts are normally softer. 

That's where the humble sausage can come in. If you're looking for an easy stew ulam recipe that you can to cook in less time than is required of a normal stew, swapping out those tough cuts for a sausage can save the day! Simply make the stew as directed and substitute it with already-flavorful Hungarian sausages. You'll have an ulam worthy dish on your hands earlier than you anticipated. 

You can even add other kinds of meat to bulk up the stew ingredients! Use fish fillets (which cook even faster!), beef to make it extra meaty for the carnivores in your household, or pair with seafood for a seafood boil fiesta


5 Sausage Fried Rice Recipe 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

There's no need to get fancy when using a Hungarian sausage. In fact, you can simply toss a few slices to a fried rice recipe to instantly make it delicious! For these recipes, you can elevate a bowl of garlic rice into a one-wok meal since you have rice and ulam all in one dish! You can even swap out other kinds of sausage for Hungarian slices so you can marry its peppery flavors instead of adding additional sweetness when you don't want it. 


If you need more ideas on how to make use of that Hungarian sausage or want to know more about it, here are more articles to help you learn more:


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