What Is Beef Kenchi + Filipino Beef Recipes To Try

This beef cut is actually the boneless version of a popular cut!

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This beef cut called the kenchi is actually the boneless version of another popular cut! That cut is the bulalo or the beef shank. The beef shank is from the leg of the cow. It's taken from either the front or the back knee joints of the steer. While not fatty, it's a flavorful cut, mostly owing to the fact that this is all dark meat.

Unlike the bulalo which is a cross-section of the beef leg, the kenchi is just the muscle that makes up the meaty parts of the bulalo.

Take out the bone of this meat cut and you get the beef kenchi.
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Take a look at the bulalo cuts, and you'll see the calf muscle is marbled with sinew and tendon. It's one of the tougher meat cuts on the steer. For the kenchi, this is what it's all about. Those rivulets of tendon and sinew throughout the muscle deliver supreme beefy flavor and even without the bone, the meat cut will still deliver in terms of flavor. 

The biggest challenge here is how to cook it without it tasting like a bulalo every time. That's where you can become creative. Just remember that the kenchi is best when braised or simmered until tender but the good news is that it will take less time than the bulalo

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Now that you know what part of the beef this is, you must understand how useful it is to know the name of this beef cut the next time you visit the butcher! Here are Filipino beef recipes to try using this tender and delicious beef cut called the kenchi: 

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1 Sizzling Bulalo Steak Recipe 

There is no other way so say it: you need to make this recipe! This is a glorious and irresistibly delicious way to enjoy this beef cut without having to worry about bones. The best thing about asking for the beef kenchi cut instead of the bulalo cut is that you get all the meat without paying for the thick and heavy leg bones. There's no worrying if you're wasting any part of the beef since it's all meat. 


Plus, since there are no bones to cook through, the meat will tenderize easier and faster, especially if you cube up the pieces even smaller. Serve it with your choice of beef gravy, mushroom sauce, or loaded with some choice cuts of veggies to make it heartier. 

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2 Crispy Beef Bulalo Flakes Recipe 

Do you often make more food than you can consume for one or even two meals? If that's the case, you'll enjoy making more than enough for one meal when you can make it into this addictive breakfast dish. 

The kenchi is your cut! Just make sure to drain the meat well from the broth it simmered in when you tenderized it, just like you would drain the adobo sauce from the leftover adobo flakes. When it's time to shred and crisp up for breakfast, it's easy to do without too much splatter. 

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3 Spicy Beef Mami Recipe 

Who doesn't love delicious beef instant noodles to sip and slurp when the weather turns chilly? Add bonus points if the soup is spicy to warm you up even further! This beef soup for this mami is not made from scratch, but that's okay! You will enjoy the tender beef slices you will definitely get when you make time to create the beef broth. You get intensely flavored beef slices courtesy of both the beef itself as well as the beef seasonings packets that come with the instant noodles.

This is one leveled-up instant noodle recipe that you'll enjoy from the first sip to the last! 

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4 Bulalugaw Recipe 

We've all seen this beef version of the lugaw. Now known as bulalugaw (an ingenious mishmash of the words "bulalo" and "lugaw"), this is another reason to ditch the bones and just let the meat do all the flavoring for you. 

The lugaw is supposed to be a simple yet hearty dish for every day (if desired) but since it'll be made with beef, the cooking process just doubled or even tripled! Decrease your cooking time by just cooking the lugaw with meaty chunks from the kenchi and you'll be enjoying your bulalugaw in less time than normal. 

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Sep 13, 2019


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