Should You Go For Wood Or Plastic Chopping Boards?

Which one do you have right now?

Anytime you’re in the kitchen, you’ll be reaching out to use a chopping board. After all, even no-cook dishes need the help of a good chopping board. Vegetables and fruits don’t cut themselves!

So when it comes having to choose between wooden or plastic chopping boards, though, is there a better choice? Here are more things you should know about choosing the right chopping board for you:  

You can choose the plastic chopping board for easy and quick cleaning.
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1 Plastic Chopping Boards

Plastic chopping boards, thanks to its non-porous material, are easy to clean. Simply soap, sanitize, and dry! However, keep in mind, that with thorough use, you can be creating grooves that bacteria can wiggle their way in. Remember to always change plastic chopping boards after at most a year or even earlier if the board has begun to smell or has so many grooves on its flat surface that it’s no longer flat.


However, it must be noted, that when using plastic chopping boards, you can also be contaminating food with microplastics. There are no long-term studies yet on the effect of microplastics to humans, but research has been done on animals and in test tubes and petri dishes. If you’d rather err on the safe side when it comes to microplastics, you might want to go with wooden chopping boards.

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2 Wooden Chopping Boards

Wooden chopping boards are sturdy blocks of wood, whether glued together or in one solid piece. It can last long with proper maintenance. They’re easy enough to clean with hot water and soap. You can sanitize it with salt and lemon juice. It’s important to let it completely dry slanted before storing to avoid it from warping. If you’re willing to go the extra mile by oiling it, wooden chopping boards can really go the distance.


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Which chopping board should you choose?

It’s good to have both kinds of chopping boards for your kitchen! Keep your plastic chopping board for meat since it can be cleaned easily and quickly and can be replaced regularly. Wooden chopping boards meanwhile make great boards for chopping your fresh produce as well as a serving board. If you regularly devote hours to the kitchen and are passionate about it, either kind of board will make a great choice when it comes to the kitchen. 

Pick one that suits your lifestyle. Take a look at your kitchen habits when choosing a chopping board. If you’re willing to make an effort, wooden chopping boards are worth it. They’re beautiful pieces of kitchen equipment that can last you a lifetime of chopping when regularly and well maintained. If not, plastic chopping boards are sure to help you get the job done with minimal effort at less cost. 

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