Everything You Can Make With Your Korean BBQ Griddle and Grill

This electric grill isn't just for samyupsal!

Do you have a Korean barbecue grill

The prices for Korean barbecue grills have dropped and are even more affordable than ever! If you snagged yourself a wonderful deal, we bet you are curious what else you can cook on your new Korean electric grill other than the meats for your samyupsal nights. 

Just like any electric grill, you can cook almost anything on it. What’s wonderful about some Korean electric grills is that it can be converted into a griddle. That means you can not only grill on it, but you can even stir fry on the slick griddle surface, too. If you binge-watch those Korean street food videos, you know how versatile this grill can be.  

Here are some ideas on all the delicious meals you can cook on it, too: 

1 Sizzling Korean Barbecue Recipe     

The first thing you probably want to cook is another kind of barbecue on your Korean grill. Since this is a grill, a chicken barbecue is perfect to cook on it, especially since it also shares the flavors and ingredients that will fit right in with your samyupsal dinner. 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

2 Chicken Bulgogi Recipe 

Korean flavors are also used in the bulgogi! If you love the sweet-savory flavors of that sauce, you’ll love that you can use that sauce for any kind of meat, including the traditional thinly sliced beef or pork, and boneless chicken pieces. Serve this with rice or chopped up to place into lettuce wraps tableside once charred to perfection. 

Photo by Toto Labrador

3 Korean-Style Grilled Corn Recipe 

If you do watch those Korean street food videos, you know that food on a stick is just as popular there as it is in other countries, like ours. Corn is a great stick food! To give it Korean flair, these are slathered with that samyupsal sauce, the samjang. This prepared sauce is a delicious chunky soybean paste made from a combination of gochujang (red pepper chili paste) and doenjang (fermented soybean paste similar to the Japanese miso paste) plus a few other aromatic and delicious ingredients. 


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4 Grilled Korean Liempo Recipe 

If there’s one thing that makes Filipinos excited to eat, it might be telling them they’re having liempo for lunch or dinner. Pork belly or liempo marinated in Korean sauces and spices will make anyone doubly excited to eat, especially if they, too, are K-drama fans. 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

5 Pinoy-style Pork Barbecue Recipe 

You have a grill so it’s just right that you cook some classic pork barbecue on it! This can be done on either of the versions: the grill or the griddle. The grill part of your grill is best for those who want that classic look of the grilled marks but did you know you can also “grill” barbecue on the griddle side, too? The trick is that you’ll have liquid to contend with and its easy to fix: just let any liquid drain off or let it evaporate as your pork barbecue cooks. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

5 Chapjae Recipe 

If your Korean barbecue grill is a smooth surface, you can stir fry on it! All you really need to do it heat it up and use the surface like a wok or frying pan! With that switch of mindset, you can stir fry noodles and make that other great Korean side dish, japchae or chapchae. You’ll just need to cook the noodles in another pot and saute the veggies on the grill. Toss it all together with your sauce and voila! A perfect side to your barbecue feast. 

6 Pajeon 

Just like you can stir fry noodles on your grill, you can make Korea’s savory pancakes on it, too. These spring onion pancakes or pajeon are just as popular as other merienda offerings the country has. To make these, you’ll need to make a batter and of course, some green onions to place in the center of the pancake.

You can even make the sweet version of the Korean pancake, the hotteok, on this appliance, too! 



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