Turn Leftover Nilaga into Sukiyaki with Just 4 Ingredients!

Don't throw out your leftover nilaga! Here's how to turn it into Sukiyaki.

Beef Nilaga is such a delicious Filipino classic that you will make over and over again. What happens though when everyone is full and there's still so much in the pot? Why not turn it into sukiyaki? It's just a few steps away since the heart of both nilaga and sukiyaki is the same: a good, hearty beef broth.



What to do with Beef Stew


1 Start with your classic Nilaga

Start with leftover, classic nilaga. The older your pot of nilaga-granted that it's not spoiled-the better. Every time you reheat your beef stew, you further reduce the broth, deepening the flavor. Take your nilaga out of the fridge and put it in a big enough pot or saucepan. If you prefer your sukiyaki spicy, go ahead and leave your green chili there or take it out if you're not. Here are good Nilaga recipes for you to start with: 

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What to do with Beef Stew

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2 Reheat and add just 4 ingredients!

The key when transforming dishes is to add in your condiments gradually, tasting a little bit with each step. Unlike a recipe you start from scratch, you don't have exact measurements. Now, get your nilaga back to a boil, then lower the heat to a simmer. Gradually stir in ½ cup of soy sauce and ½ cup of brown sugar into about two cups of Nilaga. When you're happy with the level of sweet and salty, add ½ cup of green onions sliced in two-inch pieces and if you decide to add any more vegetables. Turn off your heat and add in about two teaspoons of sesame oil and stir. That's it! It's a new dish!



What to do with Beef Stew


3 Add more of what you love! 

Cook up some vermicelli noodles and pour on your sukiyaki sauce for a full-on meal. You can also add in slices of shitake mushrooms for a deeper umami punch. Enoki mushrooms, canned or fresh, will add interesting notes to your sukiyaki. Baby corn and thinly sliced carrots will add a little bite. Cubed firm tofu also goes well. If there's no more cabbage in your nilaga, refresh it with new leaves. Since you probably have this in your pantry already, you can add a drained can of whole kernel corn.



Can you believe how easy that was? You can probably do it in about five minutes or less. It might become your family's new fave beef recipe. Once you've transformed your stew and tasted it, next time, you'll always make extra. 


Learn more about sukiyaki recipes here:


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