Don’t Use Your Nonstick Pan When Cooking These Dishes!

We're all thankful for nonstick pans. They can be a lifesaver when cooking food that normally stick. Sometimes though, when we have a favorite nonstick pan, we start using it for absolutely everything. It might be keeping you from more delicious meals! Knowing the right cookware for the right dish is also a cooking skill you need to master to get really, well-cooked, and delicious food.

Here are the dishes you need to keep away from your nonstick pans!

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1 Vegetable stir-fries that need to be caramelized

Two key things about vegetable stir-fries are that cooking needs to be quick, and you need to caramelize veggies. In both cases, you need be able to cook at high heat. However, a nonstick pan is not ideal for high heat.

So, what's the right pan you to use instead? A stainless steel pan or wok is a better choice.

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2 Steaks and burgers that need searing

Similar to the item before, this is because of the same limitation that nonstick pans face with heat. This is because the nonstick coating of your pan will begin to disintegrate at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the fumes from the coating can turn toxic. To avoid reaching that unsafe temperature, you should never preheat your pan empty. When searing steaks and burgers though, you need a pan you can preheat on High for that beautiful, delicious sear.

So, what's the right pan you to use instead? Cast iron pans are made for searing. You can preheat your cast iron pans well and above 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a good, deep, and dark sear.


3 Soups, sauces, and meats that need deglazing

Deglazing is a cooking step that requires your ingredients to caramelize or brown and this will stick a little on the pan until properly seared. You then add liquid to dissolve those delicious bits and pieces that have stuck to a pan. The answer is in the name already! Nothing will stick on your nonstick pan, thus, there will be nothing to deglaze!

So, what's the right pan you to use instead? Stainless steel pans are the way to go for this one.

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When should you use your nonstick pans?

Dishes that can cook easier without high heat and often have problems with sticking such as eggs, pancakes, soft-fleshed fish fillets, cheesy dishes, and stir-fried noodles will all cook better when you use your nonstick pan. Since it won't stick, there's nothing to prevent you from tossing, mixing, and flipping those perfectly cooked pancakes with ease.  

Now you can start using your nonstick pan to its fullest! Trust us, it will make quite a difference.


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