You Don't Need A Nonstick Pan For These Recipes

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Do you have more than one pan in your kitchen? You should! You should have at least a regular steel pan, a nonstick pan, a pot, and a saucepan. From these basic cookware, you should be using your regular steel pan and pot more often than the other two cookware. The saucepan is perfect for using it for small portions of soups, sauces, boiling eggs, and other small amounts of dishes. 

However, we have discovered that more and more people are using their nonstick pots and pans for almost every dish they cook. Entire cookware sets can be made with nonstick coatings but we think this is a mistake. While the nonstick coating ensures that their food doesn't stick to their pans, making cooking easier, they are losing out on the flavor that they could be creating each time they cook.


The only time you need to use your nonstick pan is when cooking eggs and pancakes. 

For all other recipes, you should be using your stainless steel pans. This is especially important when searing meats. Meats, when seared, develop "fond" on the bottom of your pan. "Fond" are those browned bits that are left behind after you cook meat, and this can be the basis of the flavor of a sauce or even stock. 


To get that fond from the pan and into your sauce is to deglaze it. Deglazing is basically adding a little liquid - this can be as simple as water - to the pan and scraping up the fond so it will dissolve into the liquid. Once that's all dissolved, you have the base for your sauce. 

You need to see exactly how this works. Here are recipes we suggest you try cooking in your stainless steel pan and see how much more flavorful your dishes are: 

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1 Boneless Fried Chicken Recipe 

Fried chicken is delicious, even on its own, so when it's treated simply with a simple but generous sprinkling of salt and ground black pepper, you get the full impact of the chicken flavor.  

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Photo by Riell Santos

2 Pan-Fried Pork Steak Recipe 

Filipinos love pork so if you have ever pan-fried pork chops or, in this case, a large pork steak, and then used the same pan to make a sauce, you know the level of flavor that you just created to pour over the pork steaks.  



Photo by Riell Santos

3 Pan-fried Chicken in Cream Sauce Recipe

If you really need to see how searing your chicken is done, you need to see how this recipe is made. The chicken thighs are fried first and in the same pan, the creamy tomato and basil sauce is made immediately right after.  



Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Pan-Fried Chicken in Calamansi Sauce Recipe  

Try this different, tangy take on a simple fried chicken meal. Calamansi is used to make the sauce tangy and more flavorful into a sauce that's going to be served with the chicken.   

Photo by Rico Jose

5 Pan-Fried Fish in Citrus Sauce Recipe 

Fish is just as delicious simply fried and then tossed in a delicious sauce made with olive oil and different kinds of citrus juice. The tangy juices of these citrus - lemons and orange - are the perfect complement to the fish and the fond you create after frying.  

These aren't the only dishes you can fry to create a fond and a sauce. Stir-fried dishes are the king of creating fond! The quick-cooking process gives you the illusion that it's not searing but the high heat is doing just that. When you add the liquid to create a sauce, the fond that you've created on the meats dissolves just like it would if you deglazed your pan. 

Easy? Simple? Definitely and definitely the way to make any meat dish more flavorful, too.    



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