Why Cooking Long And Slow Is Still The Most Flavorful Way To Cook

Take the time to cook using the long and slow way, and you'll cook a dish that's even more flavorful.

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We all know everyone has a lot on their plates. And while it’s great that you can make something fast and still cook something that’s delicious, we suggest you reconsider the long and slow route, too, when you have the time. 


Here're why: No matter how fast you cook something, not all dishes will be as tender, succulent, or as flavorful as a one that has been simmering for hours over a low heat. That’s because only a long and slow cooking process can produce flavors that you can’t normally get if you’re in a rush.


This bulalo recipe is popular in the Visayas region.


Bulalo with a fragrant stew with large chunks of beef, potatoes, and bananas.


Imagine a pot of bulalo. There is no need for bouillon cubes if you cook beef shanks long and slow. The flavors of the beef not only come from the bones and meat of the shanks, but the beef will become more tender, too. One taste of the soup, and you’ll see how the beef flavor shines through. Just remember to season it right, and no bouillon-enhanced bulalo will beat the flavors a slow-cooked bulalo can impart.


How about caldereta? Or menudo? Or even adobo? The longer it simmers in the rich sauce, the more flavorful it becomes. That’s because, unlike quick cooking techniques, the many flavors of the dishes are allowed to meld and develop into flavors that is more than just the tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, or even the meat.


In other words, fast cooking lets you taste each individual ingredient. Slow cooking will allow those same ingredients to become one, into a more unique and cohesive flavor that only time will be able to create. 


So the next time you find yourself with more time in the kitchen, take the long and slow approach to cooking. Your friends and family will definitely thank you for the one of the most flavorful meals they have ever had.



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