You Are Eating More Sugar Than You Think

Watch out for grocery items and common dishes that have loads of hidden sugar in them!

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Cutting down your sugar intake is among the best things you could do for your body and overall well-being. Be informed: many items in the grocery and some of your favorite homegrown dishes are packed with hidden sugar!


Remember to check the label of your item and avoid purchasing products that list ingredients that end with an "-ose," like glucose, lactose, and maltose, as well as artificial sweeteners. Here's a guide to watching out for well-marketed, faux healthy sugar bombs on your next trip to the grocery.


1  Granola bars

Sticky corn syrup often holds packaged granola bars together, so remember to check the label before you purchase them. Watch out for sweet mix-ins, too: chocolate chips, candied or dried fruit, and honey-roasted nuts.


2  Cereal

Don't let the "packed with fiber" labels fool you-breakfast cereals are also packed with sugar. Opt for homemade muesli and granola instead so that you have control over your choice of sweetener and sugar content.



3  Beef tapa, pork tocino, and barbecue sauce

It is no secret that Filipinos love that sweet-and-savory combination. Avoid buying pre-prepped proteins and bottled sauces when grocery shopping and buy the raw ingredients to make these dishes from scratch. Beef tapa, pork tocino, and homemade barbecue sauce are all easy to cook at home!


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4  Flavored yogurt

Fruit yogurt often has sugary fruit jams mixed into them instead of fresh fruit, which are highly perishable. Opt for Greek or plain yogurt instead, then top with fresh fruit.


5  Salad dressing

Pre-bottled fruity vinaigrettes and high-fat mayonnaise-based salad dressings are sneaky culprits for hidden sugar. Making your own sugar-free salad dressing at home couldn't get any easier than this: mix 1 part acid (like lemon or lime) with 2 parts extra virgin olive oil together and season with salt and pepper.

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