You Don’t Have to Be A Crazy Rich Asian To Enjoy These Dishes

Here are flavorful Asian dishes you can make for as low as P54 per serving!

Are you excited to see Crazy Rich Asians and see how their incredible, unbelievable world translates to the big screen? You might find have bouts of craving indulgent Asian dishes but feel scared of the possible price tag. We can’t be all crazy rich, after all. But even Rachel, pre-Nicholas Young’s revelatory wealth, can afford these delicious Asian dishes. Step into their world without breaking the bank.



1 Singapore Rice Noodles

Cost Per Serving: P54

Even the crazy rich get to enjoy their traditional, affordable home-cooked meals. In the book, when Rachel eats with Nick’s family, she winds up stuffing herself with 18 different noodles! Well, you have to get started somewhere, right? So, here is noodle number 1!


This is Singapore's version of the pancit bihon.





2 Spicy Cereal Prawns

Cost Per Serving: P71

These plump prawns in a crunchy cereal mix will make you swoon with delight. It’s surprising how delicious this Singaporean classic is for something so affordable.


Here's an easy recipe to recreate the Singaporean favorite at home.




3 Beef Rendang

Cost Per Serving: P122

This Malaysian recipe is described by Neena as just “simple food, lah” along with 13 other dishes served on a gold-rimmed plate, but it’s anything but! It’s indulgent, rich, and is a symphony of spices. Then again, at some level we agree: it is simple in that it’s totally doable at home!


Coconut, lime, ginger, and curry flavors come together in this hefty dish.





4 Singaporean Chili Crab

Cost Per Serving: P390

This one, we admit, is not something you’ll want to eat every day but it’s well worth the price for special days! In fact, it’ll save you A LOT of money if you make this at home than say, jet-setting to East Coast, Singapore like Nick and Rachel. In fact, ordering this at most restaurants will cost a small fortune.  

Satisfy your craving for this Singaporean specialty.


Once you start sampling these delectable dishes, you'll be forever changed. You'll find yourself buying more unusual spices and updating your pantry because these dishes are really enjoyable. You don’t need to be crazy rich to enjoy the finer things in lifejust experiment with some dishes in the kitchen!




The peanut sauce pairs well with the satay, but you can use it for other grilled meats, too!

All you have to do is combine everything in your rice cooker, switch it on, and let it do the work!

Warm up with our ready-in-a-snap version of this fiery but irresistible Asian noodle soup.

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