Home Cooks Upgraded Their Kitchen Skills at This Year’s Yummy Academy

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We had a delicious and fun day with our Yummy.ph readers at this year’s Yummy Academy held May 25 at 25 Mushrooms in Pasig City. With co-presenter Carnation, Yummy Academy promised to help home cooks upgrade their cooking skill set with three delicious recipes.

To perfectly season your sweet and spicy chicken satay, make sure to taste your buttermilk-spice mix before adding in your raw chicken.
Photo by Jasper Castro

Learning new skills

Our teacher for the day, Chef LA Cedeno of 25 Mushrooms Kitchen, didn’t just give us a delicious cheat sheet, she also guided us with tips and tricks we can use for other recipes. With a juicy, sweet, and spicy chicken satay recipe, home cooks got to use different spices and find the perfect balance for their own palates.

She gave simple tips that can give a simple dish more flavors. For the ensalada, and for all your future salads, always note that you should add salt right before serving. Adding salt too early will draw out the water from your fresh greens—leading to a soggy, watery mess.


The best way to cook your satays and barbecues is by using a charcoal grill—there’s just no flavor like it. However, if you’re making a big batch, use the grill to get the beautiful char marks and then finish it all off in an oven so you can be done quicker.

(From right to left) There’s a consensus between Marie, Jericho, Rhea, and Katrina, that cooking pasta is one of the easiest things to do. That day though, they went beyond their comfort zone by cooking up some salmon!
Photo by Ramona Manalo
This baked salmon with Mornay sauce might sound fancy, but is actually quite easy to make!
Photo by Jasper Castro

Reignite your love for food

Our home cooks got to cook salmon, and to their surprise, it was actually quite easy. In fact, according to Chef LA, you can finish it in your oven toaster. You’ll know it’s done when all the mozzarella has melted, and you’ve got crispy, bubbly, and browned edges.


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Chef LA uses Carnation evaporated milk and Carnation condensed milk for these recipes which give it a distinct creaminess and linamnam flavor.
Photo by Ramona Manalo

One of our readers, Maika, doesn’t have time to cook at home. There’s also the struggle with the idea that cooking means washing the dishes! However, this baked salmon with Mornay sauce recipe was so good that she’s going to try to make it at home. 

Another home cook, Nikki, works long hours and misses the time when she was still a student and still had time to help out in the kitchen. Nowadays, she makes her own baon but sticks to basic recipes. Tasting her own creations during the Yummy Academy, though, reignited her love for cooking. 

This laksa-inspired panna cotta is infused with delicious spices and contrasted against crispy fried noodles, tender, blanched shrimps, umami-packed shiitake mushrooms, and crunchy bean sprouts.
Photo by Jasper Castro

New flavors, new experiences

Panna cotta is one of the easiest desserts you can make. For the average home cook though, it might sound too fancy, but really, it’s just gelatinous cream! Our home cooks got to try this easy recipe with a twist for themselves, even infusing their own Carnation evaporated milk with fresh herbs traditionally used for Laksa


Chef LA recommends that if you’re making this panna cotta for a party, do it the day before so you’re extra sure that each is fully set before unmolding and serving.

This happy family came home with smiles, full tummies, and even take-out boxes of their creations.
Photo by Jasper Castro

For Jedidah, a stay-at-home mom based in Saudi Arabia, Filipino comfort foods sinigang and kaldereta are her go-to recipes. However, she has to admit that she can’t just repeat recipes as she’s already a little sick of adobo. That’s what makes these new recipes so exciting to her!

Everyone went home with a goodie bag!
Photo by Ramona Manalo

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