WATCH: Different Types of Pinoy Kakanin

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Biko is a chewy and sweet rice cake. Top it with lots of toasted latik.

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Puto Bumbong

Puto bumbong is cooked in bamboo tubes and is usually served during the holidays. Enjoy it with freshly grated coconut, butter, and muscovado sugar.



This sticky rice treat is composed of flavored layers. It's best enjoyed with latik or grated coconut sprinkled on top.


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Suman is usually shaped and wrapped in a leaf such as banana leaves or palm leaves. You can enjoy suman with chocolate, coco jam, or serve it with mangoes.


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Maja Blanca

This corn and coconut dessert is delicious when topped with latik or toasted coconut.


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Palitaw is a chewy rice cake usually coated with grated coconut and sesame seeds.


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These fluffy steamed cake is the ultimate Filipino snack. Add extra cheese on top when making these at home!

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