All the Desserts You Can Make With Store-Bought Dulce De Leche

No one can say no to the caramelly-goodness of dulce de leche.

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Choosing dessert flavors for the holidays can get complicated. You know what’s a universally loved flavor though to end all dessert wars? Dulce de Leche! Dulce de leche is an elevated version of everyone’s favorite condensed milk. Cooked and simmered until it naturally caramelizes and intensifies in flavor, it’s got the delectable gooey goodness of condensed milk plus addicting caramel notes! 

They say you can’t please everyone, but a jar of scrumptious dulce de leche begs to differ. Start here and see if any of these delicious recipes can solve your Christmas dessert problems.

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1 Banoffee Pie Recipe


The fruity acidity of banana and the milky bittersweet dulce de leche sing a hallelujah chorus when you put them together in your mouth. You’ll love this easy-to-make pie!

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Making banofee pie is so easy, it's bananas!

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2 Pastillas Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Recipe

Cheesecake is always irresistible! In this rendition, the deep, caramel flavor of dulce de leche is brought to life when put together with the tanginess of cream cheese.


Use any pastillas you like, but Namee, who hails from Pampanga, recommends Magalang pastillas.

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Use pastillas made from fresh carabao's milk-they are extra tasty and creamy!

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3 Alfajores Recipe

One of Baguio’s best pasalubong, it’s such a relief that now you don’t have to travel so many hours just to have it again! The crumbly, soft shortbread cookies are a perfect foil to the decadent, sweet dulce de leche filling. 


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These amazing cookies are delicate, crumbly, and have dulce de leche. What's not to love?

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4 Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Bars Recipe

We just said that cream cheese and dulce de leche are great together. Why not serve your cheesecake in bars form so that everyone for sure gets a perfect slice?  

Don't forget to save room for dessert!


5 Dulce de Leche Walnut Tart Recipe

Take a break from your usual dessert, and give this gooeyness a try. The walnut gives an earthy crunch and heft to this delicious tart.

Caramelized condensed milk is a popular flavor for desserts. Use it as a filling for cakes and pies, as topping for ice cream or to drizzle over fresh fruits.

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6 Ensaymada Bread Pudding Recipe

You just have to make this for Christmas! The queso de bola’s saltiness is the perfect balance to the sweetness of dulce de leche. This will be the best ever ensaymada you’ll ever have.


This bread pudding recipe is made easy with a Pinoy favorite: ensaymada.

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7 Dulce de Leche Yogurt Popsicles Recipe

This easy dessert is the cold treat that you need in this hot, hot country! Who said you had to stick to cakes and cookies? 

Dulce de leche, coffee, and yogurt freeze into delicious homemade popsicles!

Dulce de leche just makes everything magically delicious! Find out what we mean when we say we can’t get enough of the gooey and milky caramel!


You can find San Ignacio’s Dulce De Leche at Landmark, Rustan’s, and SM Supermarket for P149/400g. Or, you can make your own!

Coffee tempers the sweetness of this dulce de leche, while cinnamon keeps this quick spread interesting.

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We have tips and tricks to perfecting this homemade dulce de leche recipe!


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We couldn't resist trying this out!

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Give homemade quality gifts people will appreciate!

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These mouthwatering, show-stopping desserts only need an hour or less of prep time!

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