Judy Ann Santos Shares The Cooking Lessons She Learned From Hubby Ryan

“With him, I was able to get the confidence to cook more, to be a chef,” Judy Ann Santos shares.

In the Santos-Agoncillo household, the kitchen is ruled by both wife and husband.

Aside from being well-known actors, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have managed to build a reputation for being skilled chefs and restaurateurs. While Judy Ann might be a more familiar face to many thanks to her cooking channel on YouTube, Ryan, who, like his wife, took up culinary studies, is just as hands-on.

Sa cooking style, we’re very different kasi ako ‘yung mas ma-eksperimento. But si Ryan, he knows his way around the kitchen. So ‘pag may pinagawa ka sa kanya, maitatawid niya,” Judy Ann told Yummy.ph in an interview.

Aside from making time to play with their kids, whipping up nutritious, well-balanced home-cooked meals is another way Ryan shows affection for his children.

In one instance, Ryan made breakfast for dinner as requested by Yohan, Lucho, and Luna, who also helped by cooking eggs. “Gusto nila nagluluto with daddy. Happy ‘yung mga bata ‘pag nagluluto si Rye kasi nakikita nila ‘yung ibang part ng daddy nila,” Judy Ann says.

Ryan pampers Judy Ann, too, by making her delicious meals. His runny scrambled eggs without butter and milk, which he made for Mother’s Day, was a hit with both Judy Ann and the kids.

Here, Judy Ann lists some of the lessons she has learned from her husband, as well as her personal recipe for a quick and easy sandwich recipe.

1 Be patient in the kitchen.

Patience is one of the lessons Judy Ann has learned from Ryan as a chef.

“Be patient sa kusina, ‘wag kulitin ang mga bagay-bagay. Wala kasi ako masyado no’n eh, kaya hindi ako makapag-bake. I don’t have the patience for baking, but I try to learn,” she says.

2 Learn to control or adjust flavors.

Alam niya na masyadong wide o deep ang mga flavors na nilalagay ko. So sa mga honest opinions niya, palagi niyang pino-point out sa akin na ang bold and strong ng flavors ko. With those opinions, unti-unti natututo akong magbawas ng mga spices.

Pero ‘pag masarap naman, masarap naman talaga. Kaya niyang kainin ‘yung mga ginagawa ko every day,” she says.

3 Keep it simple.

Judy Ann’s ultimate favorite dish is Ryan’s pepper-seared tuna steak, which he first made for her when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Simpleng-simple pero hindi ko makuha hanggang ngayon. Hindi ko kaya ‘yung technique niya. May certain patience si Ryan sa pagluluto na wala ako,” she says.

Judy Ann says she learned from her husband that when it comes to food, “simple meals are always the best.”

4 Be confident and keep learning.

Judy Ann says Ryan has always pushed and encouraged her to do her best even when doing things she, herself, doesn’t think is possible.

“With him, I was able to get the confidence to cook more, to be a chef. I am learning, we are both learning, and in the process, with the humps and bumps along the road, we learn together. I guess that’s what’s really important,” she says.

For Father’s Day, Judy Ann plans on making a meaty, flavorful sandwich not just for Ryan but for their kids as well. She graciously shares her personal recipe and encourages everyone to give it a try at home to mark the occasion:

Super Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Whip up this no-cook meaty dish using Argentina Corned Chicken and other ingredients in your pantry. Argentina Corned Chicken requires no defrosting, boiling, or shredding, so even those who wants to satisfy their chicken craving in a snap will find it easy and convenient to make their favorite dishes.

Super Chicken Sandwich Ingredients

2 cans Argentina Corned Chicken (regular)

1 can Argentina Corned Chicken (spicy)

3 tablespoons pesto

2 tablespoons pickle relish

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground pepper

2 teaspoons curry powder

1/4 cup finely diced celery

1/4 cup finely diced onion

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1 package cream cheese

2 slices of white or wheat bread

Lettuce greens

Salad tomatoes

Bacon, chorizo, or jamon iberico (optional)

Hard-boiled egg, sliced

Jalapeño peppers (optional)

Mozarella or preferred cheese

How To Make Super Chicken Sandwich

1 Make the filling: Combine Argentina Corned Chicken, pesto, pickle relish, salt, ground pepper, curry powder, celery, onion, sugar, and cream cheese in a bowl until fully incorporated.

2 Place the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour for the flavors to settle.

3 On both sides of the bread, spread mayonnaise, then grill or heat in a pan until golden brown

4 Assemble the sandwich: Layer lettuce, tomatoes, then the Argentina Corned Chicken spread. If you are adding bacon, chorizo, or jamon iberico, place it before adding the spread mixture.

5 Add the sliced hard-boiled eggs, then jalapeños (optional).

6 Add cheese in the middle, put in mozzarella on top if you want. Then top with the other half of the crispy golden bread.

*This spread can also be used as a dip with crackers or vegetable sticks.

If food was a love language, Judy Ann and Ryan speak it fluently. Their kids, too, because as young as they are, they are already starting to know their way around the kitchen.

Cooking is a way for the family to bond, and the Santos-Agoncillos know a thing or two about making hearty meals for everyone.

Super Chicken Sandwich recipe courtesy of Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. Follow Argentina Meats on Facebook for more information.

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