Prep These Meats for Quick + Easy Meals: Tocino, Tapa, Nuggets and More

These recipes make for hassle-free rice meals!

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Marinated, ready-to-cook meats are super convenient, we admit it, that it’s so easy to eat it every single day. It's easy to rely on these store-bought processed meats but a healthier option is a to make a quick DIY version of these recipes which you can make ahead on the weekend. 


1 Tocino

Tocilog is a favorite breakfast staple! Sweet and tender, you can’t help but get more. Any morning started with tocino is a good day ahead. Keep your fridge stocked with this marinated meat and make morning meal prep easier. 


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This Filipino cured pork recipe is perfect for breakfast and for baon!

Join the katsu bandwagon with this delicious packed lunch or breakfast recipe.

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This sweetened chicken recipe is the perfect ulam to serve with piping hot garlic rice.




2 Longganisa

This spicy and garlicky meat doesn’t just go great with coffee and rice. You can throw them into pasta or a sandwich as well! Unlike ready-made longganisa, when you make your own, you can adjust it to your preferential spice level. Make it spicier or more garlicky—it’s up to you.


Nothing beats fresh, homemade sausages. Try making this sweet and garlicky longganisa yourself! It's easy, tasty, and preservative-free.

With a recipe this simple, you'll be making your own preservative-free longganisa from now on.



3 Chicken Nuggets

Bite-sized, crunchy chicken goodness right in your freezer! It’s great for breakfast and holds wonderfully when you pack it for baon. 


These homemade chicken nuggets are cheesy and crunchy!

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This homemade chicken nuggets recipe definitely beats the store-bought variety. Don't forget the dipping sauce!

Try making these chicken nuggets with the kids!

Fry these homemade chicken nuggets until they are golden and crunchy!



4 Easy Spanish Chorizo Recipe

Yes, you can make chorizo at home! This recipe is like a little miracle: you can’t believe how easy it is! Don’t stop with just rice meals with this one. Make it the base for garlic and oil pasta, letting its well-developed paprika flavor seep into your favorite olive oil.


It only takes a few minutes to make tasty Spanish sausage at home.




5 Tapa

What else can you want for your mornings but hot rice, tapa and a cup of coffee to wake you up? It's a great meaty dish for any time of the day. 


No breakfast spread is complete without the classic tapsilog.

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This classic Pinoy marinated beef dish is easy to make!

Give the classic eggs Benedict a local twist with pandesal and tapa.




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Easy and flavorful marinades you can make at home

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