WATCH: 3 Ways to Make Halo-Halo

Get the ice crusher ready, it's time for a halo-halo party!


Halo-halo is definitely one of the most popular Filipino desserts. It's cold, it's refreshing, it can be customized any way you like! Get the ice crusher ready and have a halo-halo party. Here are ideas for what to "mix-mix" in your own halo-halo version. 


Pile on Pinoy flavors and add evaporated milk, sweetened bananas, kaong, nata de coco, sweet beans, garbanzos, sago, leche flan, and ube ice cream.


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Keep it simple, use fresh milk, sweetened bananas, macapuno, vanilla ice cream, and crushed barquillos.


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Make it fruity with coconut milk, sweetened bananas, mango, pineapple, langka, sago, macapuno, ube halaya, leche flan, mango ice cream, and crushed otap.




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