4 Common Mistakes When Handling Knives

Be sharp when handling them!

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You don't need to be a chef to handle knives properly. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when using this tool in the kitchen:


1 Catching a falling knife.

Never ever catch a falling knife. You can easily hurt yourself trying to catch it. What to do? Let it fall and try to move away as far as possible.



2 Using your knife to gather and transfer sliced vegetables.

This is a common habit for most home cooks when slicing or chopping veggies and fruits. Using your knife to transfer sliced veggies onto a separate bowl or dish can easily dull your knife.



3 Not sharpening your knife.

Knives are an essential kitchen tool and keeping them sharp makes for more efficient prep work. It also saves you from possible nicks, cuts, and accidents while slicing and prepping your ingredients.



4 Not using good-quality knives.

Knives are almost an extension of a cook's hand so make sure you get the best ones your budget can buy. According to chef Brando Santos, senior sous chef of the Unilever Food Solutions Culinary Team and knife skills instructor, one sign of a good knife is when its weight allows for the knife to be securely balanced in one's hand.



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