5 Easy-To-Prep Recipes for a Busy Weekday

These low-fuss dishes are as quick and easy as they get.

Weekdays can get a little hectic. But did you know that you could have a meal ready, including hands-on prep time and cooking, in less than 30 minutes? Get food on the table fast with great-tasting dishes based on favorite meats, veggies, and desserts! These low-fuss dishes are as quick and easy as they get.


Dulong Omelette Recipe (Tortang Dulong)

Fresh silverfish, otherwise known as dulong, makes this omelette burst with the flavors of the sea! As much as possible, use fresh fish to cook up a healthy and tasty breakfast.


Matcha-Chia Pudding Recipe

Before your busy Monday starts, take five minutes to prepare this chia pudding recipe the night before. It’ll be ready by the time you wake up and you will appreciate that ultra-rare slow morning!


Tomato and Garlic Pasta Recipe

Who would believe that this pasta takes only 20 minutes to make? Plus, you only need one pan to make this!


Garlic Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken will never go out of style. This version is loaded with a robust garlic flavor!


Brown Butter Krispie Treats Recipe

Raid your pantry for the ingredients needed to make this treat. You probably already have everything you need! Dessert has never been so simple.


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Cooking during the workweek need not be stressful.


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