5 Good Kitchen Habits That Every Home Cook Should Master

Be a better home cook: master these good kitchen habits!

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We’re keeping this simple: get the basics right, and you’ll become a better cook before the year ends! 


1  Make a grocery list.


Isn’t it frustrating to come home from a grocery trip only to realize that you forgot to grab ginger for your soup? Avoid this common kitchen mishap by preparing a simple shopping list before you head out for the grocery.


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Start these habits on your next grocery trip: smarter shopping will make this task much easier!


2  Read that recipe!


Twice, to be exact. Familiarize yourself with your ingredients and methods before doing the actual recipe: you’ll get a better idea of how long your prep work will take and be more productive in the kitchen.


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3  Tidy up as you go.


That kitchen sink will be filled by the end of both cooking and eating your dinner if you don’t. Squeeze in some Cinderella cleaning time while your pasta is boiling, while your chicken is baking, or while your stew is simmering. A clean kitchen will create a relaxed and happy work space.



4  Minimize food waste.


Chopping up veggies for a quick roast? Those trimmings can make a tasty broth in the future! Learn how to make use of every part of your meat cuts and vegetables.


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5  Fix your groceries immediately.


Unwrap all those veggies, wash your berries and leafy greens, keep your dairy products in the chiller, and store your meat in the freezer upon returning home from a shopping trip. This way, you can organize your groceries for the rest of the week and get rid of any unwanted packaging trash immediately.



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