5 Things Every Pinoy Boodle Must Have

Complete your family bonding with Coca-Cola and this yummy Pinoy Boodle!

Get the family together at home and enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola with this hearty and filling Pinoy Boodle.

Boodle fight is a popular Filipino way of eating food on a banana leaf using your hands. It was traditionally the military’s way of eating, but it has become popular during family gatherings and out-of-town trips.

A typical Pinoy Boodle has grilled seafood, pork or chicken and fried dishes that you can pair with vegetables and other side dishes.

Try your hand at the traditional Pinoy boodle fight this weekend with these 6 delicious inclusions!


You can’t do a boodle fight without a huge bowl of rice. Opt for plain or java rice if you’re having mostly grilled dishes. You can use aligue rice if you are having a seafood-themed boodle fight. Check out other rice options here!

Fried Dishes

One of the best fried food you can include in your boodle is lumpiang shanghai! These rolls are easy to prepare, not to mention it goes well with rice and grilled dishes. Here’s our favorite recipe of lumpiang shanghai!

Grilled Items

Pair your boodle with the classic Chicken Inasal using this recipe. You can also try out grilled seafood dishes like this delicious squid recipe.

Healthy Vegetables and Salads

For the health-conscious boodle participants, you can prepare a refreshing salad like the traditional ensaladang mangga or steam a variety of vegetables and prepare a selection of dips.

Ice cold glass of Coke

A boodle lunch is not complete without a refreshing glass of Coke. It goes well with every dish and it’s perfect to share with the family!

KITCHEN PRO TIP! Slice up some tomatoes and onions and put them on the side. You can add some dips too, like alamang, soy sauce, chili and calamansi or sliced salted eggs to compliment the dishes in your boodle fight.

Got a unique boodle fight idea? Share them here!


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