WATCH: 5 Ways To Season Pork Chops

Simple flavors make pork chops delicious.


Pork chops are a Pinoy favorite. It's a simple dish that is fast and easy to cook while offering a tasty alternative to your usual chicken and pork dishes. 


The great thing with versatile ingredients is that it can be prepared in a myriad of ways. Here are five delicious yet simple ways to season pork chops that can make your meals a winner: 


1 Season with salt and pepper.

Pork chops are already tasty on its own. If you like the natural pork flavors in your chops, this is the best way to cook it. 



2 Make a marinade.

Marinades are great for adding more flavor to your pork chops. Since pork chops can be sliced thinly, the marinade has a great chance of penetrating enough into the meat that each bite is a flavorful one. 



3 Use a dry rub. 

Not many will use dry rubs on a pork chop. They associate it only with ribs. Dry rubs are just as flavorful as any marinade and is just as easy to put together, too. 



4 Cook with calamansi.

Or any other citrus or other liquid ingredient of your choice! In fact, calamansi is just one of many ingredients to sprinkle on your pork chops as it cooks. Much of the liquid will evaporate as it heats up, leaving only the essence of it to flavor the pork. Yum! 



5 Brush with barbecue sauce. 

The classic Pinoy way to enjoy a pork chop is by serving it with a dipping sauce on the table. Make your pork chop game strong by brushing the sauce right on the pork just before serving so that flavors become a part of the pork chops rather than just an accompaniment.

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