6 Fruits To Take Advantage Of This Summer

Take advantage of the country’s harvest of fresh, sweet fruits in season.

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fruits. It’s the perfect time to indulge in the succulent produce that bear fruit in the summer, and there are more than just mangoes that you can find an abundance of in the markets. Here are 6 other fruits you should try and what you can do with each, other than eating as is:



1 Avocado

known the world over for its nutritional benefits, the avocado thrives in the Philippines because of our soil and climate conditions. There are two common types available in the market: the purplish variety, also called malagkit avocado, favored for its smooth, buttery flesh; and the green variety that is firm and more fibrous. For a fun summer activity with the kids, make avocado popsicles studded with toasted chopped nuts or desiccated coconut.





2 Kamatsile

Ever heard someone looking for monkeypod? It’s actually what locals call kamatsile, a fruit that comes in reddish or light green curved pods. Because of its shape, it is also sometimes called the Manila tamarind, although not related to the popular souring agent. Its white pulp has a balanced sweet-sour flavor, and is mostly eaten raw. Known for its health benefits, it can also be juiced or added to local dishes.



3 Supsupin

During the summer months, a particular variety of mango becomes popular: the extremely sweet dwarfed kind that can be as small as two inches long. It’s popularly known as supsupin, which translates to “something that can be sucked” – a clue as to how the fruit is commonly eaten. Depending on the size and thickness of its seed and its province of origin, the supsupin is also called pahutan, bioko, and chupadera.


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4 Melon

At their prime when the sun is at its hottest, melons are a must during the summer season. The intense heat helps quickly ripen the fruit, resulting in only the sweetest meat. When buying a piece, check for the melon’s sweetness and freshness by smelled the section where the vine was attached. Purchase a batch and make a refreshing calamansi-melon cooler and a simple honey melon salad to beat the heat.




5 Papaya

Did you know that there are several papaya varieties available in the market? There’s the popular Red Lady with its characteristic red flesh and elongated body; the pear-shaped Sunrise Solo with red-orange flesh; the large Cavite Special that can weigh up to five kilos; the high-quality Waimanalo with orange-yellow flesh; and the sweet and firm Sinta, which is the first Philippine-bred hybrid papaya.



6 Star Apple

Slice open a star apple (or kaymito as it is more popularly knownin our country) in half crosswise and you’ll see how it got its name. The round fruit comes in green and purple varieties, the latter being the sweeter and more favored one. Once ripe, kaymito can easily be squeezed open to reveal its sweet, juicy purple-white meat. Try it frozen – it’s almost like eating ice cream!



Article by Idge Mendiola “Summer’s Best” was published in the May 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by the Yummy.ph editors.





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