5 Helpful Tips on How to Make Weeknight Cooking Easier

It's easier than it sounds!

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It’s happened to the best of us: Mondays are for Sunday’s leftovers, Tuesday is spent scraping what’s left of your pantry staples, and by Wednesday, you come home only to realize you only have a single carrot left in your chiller.


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Remember: home-cooked is always better.


We’re here to convince you that a simple, fuss-free weekly habit can change the way you shop at the grocery, cook at home, and spend your money. It’s easier than it sounds, trust us—but one weekly trip to the grocery can make the work week easier and more bearable. Here’s how to get started:


1 Pick a day to shop for groceries. 

It makes the most sense to make your quick weekly grocery trip on a Sunday: you’ll be motivated enough to do a little food prep for the week, and you’ll be energized and recharged for the week ahead. Shop early: you’ll be able to avoid supermarket lines and crowds that tend to pile up on weekends.


2 When heading to the grocery or market, always come prepared with a list.

And check it twice! Don’t miss out on the essentials that could be the key to an easy weeknight meal: garlic, onions, ground meat, leafy greens, grains, and pasta. 

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3 Stock up on your essentials. 

If you know you’re a big pasta eater, or can’t get enough of those roasted baby potatoes, grab a big bunch and store them correctly on your kitchen counters, stock room, or refrigerator. It’s great to know you have you go-to ingredients to fall back on when you’re too tired to think of something new to cook.

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4 Add a new ingredient to your shopping cart every week. 

This could be a mini goal for every grocery trip: choose a new ingredient you want to work with or have never cooked with before. The options are endless! It could be a spice, a vegetable, or a specific type of cheese. It’s an easy way to keep yourself motivated and will give you something to look forward to once you get cooking at home.


5 Add a few greens to eat healthier.

The best thing about shopping for yourself is that you are consciously choosing how to nourish your own body. Pick up a good amount of greens and veggies to make sure you’re getting what you need. Plus, you get to cook and season them exactly how you want to!



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