Are Frozen Eggs Okay To Eat?

Here's what you should know about frozen eggs and your refrigerator.

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Are you storing your eggs properly? If you are storing your eggs on the shelf and not on the door, good job. You'll find that your eggs will last longer and stay fresher longer if you do. 

However, sometimes eggs can be the victim of an accident and if you have ever experienced your eggs freezing in your refrigerator, you're not alone. 

What causes properly stored eggs to become frozen? 

If you properly store your eggs on the shelf and not on the door, this can still happen to you, especially if you accidentally pushed the egg carton all the way to the back of the refrigerator where it's at its coldest. This freezing problem can be a number of reasons, including the improper cooling of your refrigerator. It can also be because you set the temperature too low or the thermostat itself is faulty. 

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Here's what you should know about frozen eggs: 

1 Frozen eggs with cracked shells are best tossed out.  

Frozen eggs are best discarded if it breaks the shell. This is because of the danger of bacterial contamination. The shell is one of the egg's best defenses and when it's been cracked, bacteria on the shell and in its environment may contaminate the egg. 

2 The texture of the egg changes when frozen. 

If you have ever broken an egg to find it's frozen, you'll notice that the egg is not quite the same after thawing. The egg yolk will turn opaque, milkier, and might even develop a gel-like texture that is not the runny egg yolk that you expect from a raw yolk. 

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The egg whites meanwhile will look and feel like it is more liquid, even if the egg was super fresh when frozen. However, this is not always a bad thing. 


3 Thawed frozen eggs are still edible. 

Frozen eggs are best when scrambled or hard-boiled. While it might not be as fluffy as an omelet should since the egg basically ages as it thaws, it's still applicable when scrambled together with the whites to create a beaten egg mixture. This can be made into omelets, frittatas, and even in baked recipes that require beaten eggs.  

Freezing egg whites is actually a fantastic way to preserve them for later use, especially when separated from the yolks when you're making leche flan. These can be used for egg white recipes that will be whipped. Just remember to thaw to room temperature for best results. We love using frozen egg whites for making either of these egg white-based frostings, Swiss buttercream and Italian buttercream, for cakes and cupcakes.  


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