5 Reasons Why Having A Baking Sheet (Or Two!) Is A Great Kitchen Helper

Use the baking sheet for more than just baking.

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A baking sheet is the go-to tool when baking cookies, but it's much more versatile than you think.

Here are at least 5 more ways you can use the baking sheet for more than just baking cookies on:

1 Catch drips in the oven.

You may not know it, but you might have a makeshift baking sheet already in the form of the drip tray that comes with your oven. Sure, it's primarily used to catch drips, but it easily doubles as a makeshift cookie and baking sheet. So, even when the oven is not in use, the tray in general is handy for other things, too.

2 Gather ingredients or transfer things in one-trip before cooking.

Take a page from stir-fry recipes and have your ingredients organized and ready on a baking sheet before you start cooking. You not only have all the ingredients you need and easily within reach, it's easy to pick it all up in one go.



3 Reheating everything all at once.  

This will come in handy especially every morning when you want to reheat many different food items all at once: that means pandesal, croissants, Danish pastries, and even last night's leftover pizza can all be reheated at the same time while you cook the eggs and fry the rice.

4 Making homemade bread.  

Yes, you can use it to bake bread. The great thing with homemade is that it doesn't have to look like it was made by a pro. No need for a loaf pan! Just plop your risen dough onto the sheet, and place in the oven. It will rise unhindered by the walls of a loaf pan, and you'll get wonderful crisp edges everywhere the oven browned it. Rustic country bread!

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5 Roasting anything in the oven.

Just like you store ingredients in a single layer for freezing, you can also lay down a layer of vegetables to help elevate your chicken when roasting. Again, no need for a special pan! The best part is that with no sides to the baking sheet, air easily circulates around the food you're roasting, and you achieve even roasting­­ without even trying.



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