Baon Equation: Make Baon With These Convenience Store Finds For Less Than P100

IMAGE Jasper Castro

For those days you're running low on cash, you can thank the heavens for dependable convenience stores that have our back. We checked out 7-11, Ministop, and Family Mart for combos you can pull off with a smile on your face all under P100. Apart from their ready-to-go meals, you can actually go creative and off-menu. Here are some ideas:

1 Lucky Me Supreme Spicy Bulalo Cup (P38) + Mas Soup Sarap (Instant Soup) Mushroom (P11) = P49

We love instant bulalo already, but it can actually get even better! With a dose of instant soup, you get a creamier, richer soup. Also, you can add more water than usual which means it's more filling. You will absolutely fall in love with this combo. You can even add in a hard-boiled egg for just P12. You can get this exact combo at 7-11 but you can make a version with using Knorr's instant soup mix.


2 Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chilimansi (P16) + Dingdong Sweet & Spicy (P25) +Hard Boiled Egg (P12) = P53

Feel free to swap with your pancit canton of choice for this one. You can eat it on the side or be adventurous and mix the Dingdong mix in for added crunch. The hard-boiled egg really gives this combo the bulk and nutrients that you need. Although the hard-boiled egg is only available at 711, you can always boil your own eggs at home in a snap!

3 Lucky Me Jjamppong Cup Noodles (P50) + Fried Pork Siomai (P35) = P85

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Both Family Mart and Mini Stop offer an array of fried dumplings which you could add to your instant ramen of choice. Mix it in with Jjamppong for a quick, delicious, spicy wonton soup!

4 Hotdog Sandwich (P30) + Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Cheddar (P52) + Jack and Jill Magic Chips Cheese Flavored Crackers (P9)= P91


Love hotdog sandwiches? You can dress them up to your heart's content. 7-11 Also offers chili con carne or cheese packs (that run out fast) for only P5. Put as much sauce as you want because you're an adult now and you can do what you want. Crush the crackers while still inside the deflated packaging, then crumble over your sauce. You'll love the crunch that contrasts with the tender and soft textures. If you think the cheese squeeze might be too expensive, you'll be glad to know that it comes with a lid you can conveniently tightly seal and use again the next day, or the whole week.

5 Quaker Beef & Carrot Instant Oats Caldo (P35) + Hard Boiled Egg (P12) =47

You can now get instant caldo cups at convenience stores. You can also go with chicken and mushroom. To add some bulk, chuck in a hard-boiled egg or scoop up with a cracker.


6 Hot Chicken Flavor Cup Ramen (P58) + Milo Shake (P30) =P88

Up for a challenge? Family Mart offers extremely spicy cup ramen. If you want to tame down the spiciness, you can squeeze in a bit of cheese. Wash down with ice-cold milo slush.

Get creative with your next trip to the convenience store and the possibilities will surprise you. With a little imagination, you can be eating something new without overspending.

Do you have other convenience store hacks? Tell us about it!


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