3 Easy + Delicious Baon Ideas

These baon ideas are simple yet tasty. The kids can help you pack, too!



Packing baon every day need not be an effort you dread daily. Make it easy on yourself with these baon ideas that you can prepare ahead of time. Each dish is easy to put together and easy on the pocket while being packed with flavor. Have your kids help you put it together, too. 



Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

Who loves chicken? Who doesn’t love bacon? This combo should have your kids eagerly awaiting merienda or lunch time. Plus, it’s a simple spread that is easily customized. Add a little pickle relish to add a bit of sweetness that balances out the saltiness of the bacon. Then, pack it with a few sticks made from fruit and cheese to complete the meal.


Kiddie Help: Choosing ingredients they want to add to their spread. Adding ingredients to a bowl and mixing it all together. Making the fruit kebabs and the sandwich. 




Give your chicken spread a tasty upgrade by adding bacon!


The unique egg-pimiento spread on this can be your startup biz's signature "secret sauce."


These fruit kebabs are a real crowd-pleaser!



Chicken and Pork Adobo

The adobo can be the leftovers from dinner last night, lunch the day before, or even the part you hosted over the weekend. Since it’s sometimes even more flavorful after a few days, it’s natural that it has become a baon favorite. Whether you like it more tangy from the vinegar or umami-packed from soy sauce, add a hard-boiled egg to the meal to keep your kids full longer. Plus, it tastes great with a little adobo sauce. No need for salt!


Kiddie Help: Peeling the hard-boiled eggs. Putting the baon together.  


This is a classic adobo recipe that you need to master.


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This adobo version is peppery, garlicky, and has an earthy flavor from the atsuete!


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Who doesn't love classic Pinoy adobo flavors?



Arroz Ala Cubana

Ground meat is one of the fastest ingredients to cook. This Mexican-inspired ground beef dish is a simple recipe with ingredients that are probably already available in your kitchen cabinets. This dish also uses ingredients, like corn and carrots instead of raisins and peas, that you know your kids would love and eat. Packed with a fried saba to keep it from being just another ground meat dish, the sweet, salty, and spices prevents it from being an ordinary meal, too.



Kiddie Help: Choosing ingredients to add to the ground meat and then putting the baon together with the snacks.  



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Serve with fried egg, fried bananas, and rice for a wonderful meal.


Are the kids tired of the same ol' burger? It's time to introduce them to a version that is as nutritious as it is delicious.


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Ground beef is easy to cook with at home.

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