Here Are All The Cooking Tools A Beginner Cook Should Have

These will be a new cook's best friends in the kitchen.

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Did you just start learning how to cook, are spending more time in the kitchen, or eager to widen your kitchen knowledge and need more kitchen tools? Before you start purchasing new kitchen tools, here's a guide on what you truly need. 

What are the basic kitchen tools? 

These are the tools that every kitchen should have. These will guide and let a cook complete their task with precision and efficiency. Best of all, these are the tools that do not need to be expensive to make it work in any kitchen. 

From the most basic knife to the cooking utensil you didn't know you needed, here are the basic kitchen tools every new cook should have and learn to use: 

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1 Vegetable Peeler and Can Opener

Give a cook a potato and he will almost always reach for a vegetable peeler. No matter what vegetable you need to prepare, a vegetable peeler will be the faster tool when it comes to peeling vegetables, fruits, and even preparing thin slivers of this produce. This is the tool that can create simple decorations and chocolate curls for an otherwise ordinary-looking cake. 

Just like you need to prepare your fresh ingredients, canned ingredients need to be opened, too, before it can be prepared. There is no other tool to use for cans other than a can opener, especially if the cans are not equipped with its own key or are not easy-open cans. 

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2 Chef's knife and paring knife 

Even if you have a handy vegetable peeler, you will need a knife to cut it up into the appropriate sizes for your recipe. You can use any knife as long as it's a sharp one to do this, but if you want to feel like Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, or Jaime Oliver, this gorgeous and affordable knife set with an 8-inch chef's knife and a 4-inch paring plus a knife sharpener will be the deal you want to grab before it's gone.    

Wusthof Gourmet Knife and Sharpener Set, P3,461.53, Lazada

Photo by Caroline Attwood/Unsplash

3 Chopping Board

You have food to prepare and knives to use. You'll need a chopping board to do this preparation on. A solid block of flat wood, a large plastic board, or an artisanal-made end-grain chopping board will all work as your chopping board.

The only board you should stay away from for this kind of task as steel and glass "chopping" boards. These are actually meant more as serving boards where gentle slicing of cheese, fruit, and other food can be done. These hard surface boards will dull your knife faster or even chip its edge. 

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4 Mixing Bowls 

You can never have too many mixing bowls! These bowls are the bowls that will hold your ingredients, allow you to combine batters and mixtures, and use as garbage bowl so you can dispose of your discarded peels in one go. Whether stainless steel, plastic, or even glass bowls, look for mixing bowls with rubber or silicone bottoms so it never slips on your table and handles so you can safely grip these with confidence as you transport ingredients to and fro.     

Monazone 304 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Non-slip Silicone Handle Base, P516.14, Lazada or Vocen 3PCS Non-Skid Mixing Bowl Set, P475, Shopee

Photo by Lazada

5 Tongs

Handy tongs double as your tossing tool, too. These are fantastic for gripping anything from a lone French fry or chicken nugget to grasping a burger or a steak and flipping it instead of using a flipper. You'll find these come in super handy not just while cooking but also keeping your hands dry as you season a whole pork belly, chicken pieces, or fish fillets.

Stainless Steel Black Tongs with Locking Head, small, medium, and large, starting at P45, Lazada

Photo by Harper and Harlow

6 Measuring Cups and Spoons

To make sure that you're following the recipe as accurately as possible, you'll need to measure your ingredients. To do that, measuring cups and spoons will come in handy. Learn to use these right and every recipe you make will be as close to the recipe developer's version. 

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7 Cooking Utensils

Cooking using any cookware will require you to use utensils that will help you stir, turn, flip, scoop, ladle, and even strain your food. A set can be made of metal, plastic, or coated in silicone. It can be made from bamboo or wooden as well. A basic set of cooking utensils may include these basic spoons:

  • • stirring spoon
  • • spatula or turner
  • • ladle
  • • slotted spoon or skimmer 

Other more complete cooking utensil sets may also include kitchen shears or scissors, a silicone spatula, a potato masher, and a whisk. 

Photo by Shopee

8 Kitchen Rags

You will need to clean up after yourself while you work in the kitchen and again when you're done. Make the job as easy as possible on you by using kitchen rags that do the job right. Absorbent towels that you do not mind getting oily, grimy, and otherwise dirty are perfect for this task. Pair it up with a kitchen cleaning solution that you know will work against grease and you will leave that kitchen so clean, you should be able to eat in there with no worries.       

10 Kitchen Rags, P481, Shopee or Cheer Life 3 pieces KitchenTowel, P122, Lazada



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