This Is The Best Way To Cut A Mango

This is how you can easily cut up a mango with the least amount of wastage.

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Mango season is in full swing! With so many mangoes available, you're probably wondering how best to cut one up. Whether it's for enjoying it on its own or for making into an ice cream, a smoothie, or using in your dessert, you'll need to know the easiest and best way to cut a mango. 


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Here's how you can prepare a ripe mango easily and with the least amount of wastage every time: 


1 First, use a knife. 

A knife is an easy and familiar way of cutting up a mango. Here's what to do: Place the mango on a cutting board with the stem side up. (Be careful. You'll have to delicately balance the mango on its tip.) Make a slice on the side of the stem into the flesh and against the large mango seed. Use the mango seed as a guide for your knife as you slide it down to cut the cheek from the seed. Repeat on the other side to remove both cheeks. If desired run the knife down the thin sides of the mango seed to remove as much flesh from the mango as possible. 



2 Grab a large spoon. 

Now that you have the cheeks removed from the seed, you'll need a large spoon. The best spoon to use is actually a steel cooking spoon, whether slotted or not. The sides of a steel cooking spoon are thinner than a wooden spoon or any heat-resistant plastic spoon, and it's big enough that it should be roughly the same size as the mango cheek.


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Once you have your cooking spoon, place the mango cheek in the palm of your nondominant hand, a mango cheek tip at your fingertips. Then, slide the tip of the spoon under the flesh of the mango of the end where your fingertips are. Then, in a smooth motion, run the spoon through and under the flesh. You'll get a beautifully removed mango cheek in that one move. Repeat with the other half. 


3 Use the knife again. 

Once the cheeks have been removed from the skin of the mango, you can proceed to slice, dice, and even place it in the blender and puree to use immediately for a mango dessert. 



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