Affordable Cheese Under P200 To Put On Your Cheese Board

These cheese choices won't strain your budget.

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A cheese board or cheese platter is one of the food trends that won't die down. This trendy board is an appetizing array of different kinds of cheese, hams, and fruits that make for delicious snacking. These cheese boards and platters are also known as charcuterie boards and platters when these are a mix of meats and cheese.

There are many budget-friendly charcuterie boards you can find the on market but sometimes the fun is in putting one together. Plus, doing it yourself can save you from spending more than your budget allows. You can learn to put an affordable charcuterie board together under P500 and even how to choose the right kind of cheese. However, what's difficult is finding high-quality cheese on a budget

Being on a budget means using what you have and looking for affordable choices on the market to buy. If you have a Christmas ham still taking up space in your refrigerator, it's the perfect ham to use for your cheeseboard.


As for the cheese, you may have to search for these. Our one tip in finding and choosing cheese for a cheese board is this: look for the deli shop in your supermarket for the best deals. You can buy cheese by the 100-gram instead of settling for what is already packaged. You may even score a deal on the best cheese! 

Finding cheap cheese all under P200 is easy with this handy list of budget-friendly cheese to put on your cheeseboard. Here is our budget cheese finds: 

Flavored Processed Cheese 

When it comes to budget, processed cheese that everyone is familiar with is a go-to choice. The good news is that these are perfectly delicious cheese. Some brands have stepped up their game and have created budget-friendly cheese. These flavored cheese are sure to make your cheese board more interesting, especially for those who are still new to imported cheese flavors. 

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Danes Flavored Cheese = P56/each

Eden Queso de Bola Cheese = P59

Photo by Waltermart

Danes Herb and Garlic Cheese, 165 grams, P56, Waltermart

Danes Chili Cheese, 165 grams, P56, Waltermart

Eden Queso De Bola Flavor, 160 grams, P59, Robinsons 

Flavored Cream Cheeses 

When it comes to a cheese board, cream cheese is perfect for spreading on crackers and crusty bread slices. Plain cream cheese just won't do since these are one-note flavored cheese so you should look for flavored cream cheese to spread on these bites. You have your choice between savory cream cheeses as well as sweet cream cheeses! Here are a few options we found that will fit the bill as well as your board: 


Arla Spreadable Cheese = P99.75/each 

Photo by Landers

Arla Herbs and Spices Fresh Cheese, 150 grams, P99.75, Landers

Arla Garlic Fresh Cheese, 100 grams, P99.75, Landers

Arla Natural Cream Cheese, 150 grams, P99.75, Landers

Lemnos Cream Cheeses = P169.75

Photo by Landers

Lemnos Garlic and Chives Cream Cheese, 125 grams, P169.75, Landers

Lemnos Melon and Mango Fruit Cheese, 125 grams, P169.75, Landers

Emina Cheese Desserts = starting at P199.50

Photo by Robinsons, Landers

Emina Cheese Dessert Rich Berry, 90 grams, P199.50, Robinsons Supermarket

Emina Cheese Dessert Rich Nuts, 90 grams, P199.50, Robinsons Supermarket


Emina Cheese Dessert Vanilla, 90 grams, P199.75, Landers

Blue Cheese

Bleu cheese is a cheese that is definitely an acquired taste. Not only does this kind of cheese have a funky odor, but this cheese is also tinged blue from the rivulets of edible mold that is injected into the cheese to give it its signature aroma and taste.  

Emborg Danablu = P160

Castello Danish Blue = P189.75

Photo by Pacific Bay, Landers

Emborg Danablu, 100 grams, P160, Pacific Bay

Castello Danish Blue, 100 grams, P189.75, Landers

Jack Cheeses and Cheddar 

Monterey Jack, or simply Jack, cheese is a creamy cheese that is mild in taste with a slight sweetness. That's why is commonly flavored with chili peppers to give it a hit of flavor. Cheddar on the other hand is a cheese that has been aged a little more than Jack cheeses and has a delicious sharpness to its taste. 

California Jack Cheeses = P164.75/each

California Cheddar Cheese = P159.75

Photo by Landers

California Monterey Jack Cheese, 190 grams, P164.75, Landers 

California Cheddar Cheese, 190 grams, P159.75, Landers

California Pepper Jack Cheese, 190 grams, P164.75, Landers

Emmental Cheese 

This cheese is a classic Swiss cheese with its holes. Emmental cheese is a great cheese to add to a cheese board with its buttery and sweet taste that melts well so it's perfect for using beyond a cheeseboard after the festivities are over. 

Arla Emmental = P194.75

Emmental = P146.50

Photo by Arla, The Marketplace

Arla Natural Emmental Cheese, 200 grams, P194.75, Landers 

Emmental, 100 grams, P146.50, The Marketplace

Deli Cheeses 

Remember that tip about looking for a deli stand in your supermarket? This is why it's a great idea. You have a wider range of cheese to choose from and if you're lucky, you can even give these a taste before you settle for your choices. Since these are commonly cut from the block, you'll be charged by the 100-gram weight but this means, you have an even more impressive board to show your guests. 

Here is a list of cheeses to try with these affordable prices: 

Asiago Cheese = P100/100 grams

This crumbly cheese has a strong aroma that might remind you of yeast bread, raisins, and other dried fruits.  

Photo by The Marketplace

Asiago Affine, 100 grams, P100.40, The Marketplace 

Feta Cheese = P90/100 grams

Feta became a household name all because of that baked feta pasta trend earlier this year. This is a great reason to get some again but this time, as part of your cheeseboard. This super salty cheese is tangy and sharp in flavor so it's best paired with a cracker and some dried fruit before taking a bite. 

Photo by The Marketplace

Feta, 100 grams, P90, The Marketplace 

Pecorino Romano = P177.50/100 grams

If you're a fan of Parmesan, you'll love the taste of Pecorino Romano. This cheese is similar in taste with its sharp, tangy, and savory notes and crumbly texture that's both excellent to eat and cook with. 

Photo by The Marketplace

Pecorino Romano, 100 grams, P177.50, The Marketplace

Fontina = P85/100 grams

Fontina is a creamy and smooth cheese but like some cheese, it also has a tartness that might appeal to those who like it, especially when paired with food that go well with melty cheese. 

Photo by The Marketplace

Fontina, 100 grams, P85.05, The Marketplace

Grana Padano = P172/100 grams

Here's another cheese that is similar to Parmesan but is more affordable than the real thing or Parmiggiano Reggiano. Grana Padano has been called the "younger sister" of Parmiggiano Reggiano since it's a younger-aged cheese. It's grainer in texture, but still has the same tartness you want but with a richer and buttery taste. 

Photo by The Marketplace

Grana Padano, 100 grams, P172.20, The Marketplace 

Queso Semicurado = P178.50/100 grams

This is a cheese that basically translates to "semi-cured cheese". This is a more delicate tasting cheese. 

Photo by The Marketplace

Queso Semicurado, 100 grams, P178.50, The Marketplace 

Need more help finding, choosing, and buying cheese for a cheeseboard? We got you. Here are articles to help you with having a great after-dinner snack: 



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