3 Useful Tips for Buying Ground Meat at the Grocery

Here's how to shop for this versatile ingredient.

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Ground meat is as versatile as it gets: choose any protein-chicken, beef, pork, and even lamb, and you can make excellent, economical dishes for the whole family. Ground meat is the star ingredient behind quick and delicious pork giniling, juicy beef burgers, and hearty meatloaves.


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Jul 27, 2015


Having ground meat on hand at home can lead you to some of the best and easiest dishes out there-here are 3 useful tips to know when you're shopping for ground meat at the grocery.


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May 25, 2015


1 Use your senses.

Check if the meat is fresh: is it starting to turn dark brown or grayish? Does it smell fresh or a little foul? If the ground meat on display doesn't look like it is at its best, do not settle. Pick up your favorite cut of meat, and then ask the butcher behind the counter to grind it for you on the spot.

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2 Know how much fat is in your ground meat.


When making burgers, chuck is a great choice for ground beef because of its fat content. Remember that fat gives flavor to your food! Ask your butcher for help or do your research prior to heading out for the grocery to know exactly what kind of meat you need. Some dishes need fat to be cooked properly.


3 Cook it or store it as soon as possible.

Make ground meat a regular pick-up at the grocery: there are lots of easy recipes for you to use! It cooks quickly and doesn't need much thought. Because ground meat has a relatively short shelf-life, either cook or freeze it one day after purchasing-avoid letting it sit in your refrigerator for over 24 hours.

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