Things To Know Before Buying An Induction Stove

A new stove means new ways to cook!

If you are in the market for a new induction stove, you have many choices to choose from. Many residential buildings require the use of electric stoves, so changing from a gas stove to an electric stove such as the induction stove is going to be a change. 

Here’s a guide on what you should know about the induction stove before making that purchase: 

A stainless steel pan cooked over an induction stove
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1 Not all electric stoves are induction stoves.  

When looking for a new stove, the induction stove is a specific appliance. The best way to determine this is to ask and look for the signs that say it’s an induction stove. This is because other electric stoves may look like induction stoves but are not induction stoves. 

The most common stove that looks like an induction stove is the ceramic electric stove. These are most common with ranges and cooktop models. A ceramic stovetop is similar to the induction stove in looks but functions differently. Instead of a magnetic coil under the glass top, it has an electric coil similar to an electric stove has. Basically, any pot or pan you already have will work on this stovetop. This is a great alternative for those who do not want to spend or have a budget for a new set of specialty cookware that you will need if you have an induction stove. 


The best way to test the stove without bringing it home first is to test it at the store. The sales merchant should use induction-ready cookware on it to activate the stove. Otherwise, it will not turn on. 

An American Home single burner induction stove
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2 Most induction stoves are one-burner models.  

If you’re used to having a two-burner stove, you will have to spend more on a two-burner induction stove. This is because the most common kind of induction stove on the market are one-burner portable stoves. These are the most affordable options on the market. 

There are brands of induction stoves that offer two burners. However, these are much fewer than the one-burner models. If you’re set on a two-burner model, you have another option. You may also opt for the induction cooktop models that are embedded in your kitchen countertop. Be ready to spend more on these models. 

Stir fried noodles being cooked on an induction cooker
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3 Check wattage. 

If you’re concerned about how much electricity your new induction stove will use up, you can check the wattage on the underside of the stove. The wattage value on the energy labels on induction stoves usually lists the maximum capacity of watts it can produce. This means that the higher the number, the more heat it can generate. This means you can heat up your pan hotter than one that has less wattage. 


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However, that also means more electricity it will consume per hour of use. The good news is that induction stoves are more energy efficient when heating up cookware. It can heat up a small pot of water faster than gas or other electric stoves would. Since you use it for fewer minutes, it should consume less energy. 

Cookware, pots, and pans compatible with an induction cooker
Photo by SM, Masflex, Lazada, Tefal

4 You may need new cookware. 

The other big purchase you may need to make is the cookware. Induction stoves need specialty cookware that requires a magnetic bottom to operate the stove. This is because the induction stove heats up via electromagnets. Your cookware made of stainless steel are not magnetic. This is why there are induction cooktop converters or adapters you can buy to make the induction stove work with any cookware you have. 

This is a simple device that you place on top of the burner before you place your cookware on top. This is a magnetic surface that will heat up instead of your cookware, making it easy to use any cookware on an induction stove.  


What kind of cookware is best to use on your induction stove? The best kind has to be the heavy-bottomed cookware. This is because the induction stove can warp your pots and pan if it’s too thin. This is why it’s also best to not use the cookware that comes “free” with your induction stove. While some free cookware are heavy-bottomed, the majority of these free cookware have thin bottoms that can warp and discolor while you’re using it on the stove. 

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5 Manage your budget.

Induction stoves like many appliances come in a range of prices. The common misconception is that the more expensive, the better it is. While this may be true, you can opt for the more affordable options on the market since there are many to choose from. Advances in technology since the first induction stove was on the market have dropped prices and produced better, more durable, and more efficient stoves over the years. 

The trick here is knowing how much are you willing to spend on the stove as well as the cookware that you might have to buy, too. 

You should be more ready to buy that induction stove for your kitchen with these tips in mind. 


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