What's Better: Canned Corn vs. Frozen Corn And Carrots

These supermarket staples are super convenient.

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Fresh is said to be the better choice when choosing ingredients. However, it's not always the case for many of us who store ingredients in our pantry and our refrigerator and freezers. Canned corn and frozen corn are just two kinds of vegetables that you might have in your kitchen. 

Canned corn is probably already a staple in your pantry if you love corn. These processed corn kernels are tender, sweet, and super easy to eat and use in many recipes. Like many canned food products, it's edible straight from the can.

It's not often you won't find this handy canned vegetable in the supermarket but on the off chance you need corn and there is a shortage of canned corn, you can turn to the frozen food section for it. 

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Frozen corn is just as handy as any frozen food, including other frozen vegetables. It's already prepared, shucked from the cob as corn kernels, and flash-frozen as individual pieces before being packed. These are easy to use, too. Just thaw and reheat until heated through and it should be good to eat. 

If you're a fan of using frozen corn together with carrots and green peas, it's a staple that allows you to easily add your favorite vegetables to dishes without needing to prepare anything more than scissors to open the bag.  

You're probably wondering: Which is the better choice: canned or frozen? Is there a difference in quality? 

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This question is best answered by you because both are quite handy and almost as good as the other. Here's how these two products differ that might tilt your favor for one or the other: 

1 Canned corn kernels are processed. 

As with all canned food, canned corn has been processed. It goes through a process where the corn, shucked from the cobs, are preserved through the canning process. Corn kernels together with a brine usually made of sugar, salt, and water are placed in cans, sealed, and then pressure cooked until the cans are sanitized and the corn, preserved. 


2 Frozen corn kernels are blanched and then frozen.

You may think that supermarket fresh produce is better than frozen or canned corn. That's not always the case unless you picked the corn yourself from your garden. That's because there's the factor of time. Time lapses between the corn being harvested from the farm, packed or packaged and sent to the supermarket, and then to your shopping bag.

With frozen food, time isn't as big a factor since the food is literally frozen in time. When corn is harvested, it's sent to the processing plant to be shucked, blanched in hot water to preserve the natural color of the vegetables, cooled and flash-frozen, and then packaged. These are then stored in freezers, transported in freezing conditions so the food doesn't thaw en route, and then placed in freezers until you choose a bag to buy. 

Frozen food may actually be fresher than those vegetables you see on the supermarket shelves. 


3 Canned corn doesn't need refrigeration. 

Canned goods are processed so that it doesn't spoil even at room temperature. That's why canned food are so handy to have in your pantry. There's no need for storing it in the refrigerator until opened. Frozen corn meanwhile needs to stay frozen to stay at its freshest state. Once thawed, the corn succumbs to time and will spoil if not used in recipes soon.  

Are you a canned corn believer or will you switch to frozen corn? Whether you buy the canned corn or prefer the frozen corn mixed with carrots and green peas, these two should be part of your list of kitchen staples.  


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