This Affordable Salmon Is A Delicious Swap For Canned Tuna

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Canned food is one of those ingredients that has proven itself super useful and versatile. Need more vegetables in your dish? Open some canned corn, canned mushrooms, and maybe even some canned beans to add to the dish. You can even sub out fresh meat and use canned luncheon meat or corned beef to instantly level-up a recipe!

With the popularity of baked sushi, there are those who make it at home who probably need a shortcut or two to make it easier to make. It does take some effort to put it all together. The steps include cooking the rice and the fresh salmon, flaking the fish, mixing it with the dressing, and then layering all the ingredients into a baking dish before broiling the top before serving. 

Would eliminating a step or two make it easier? Canned salmon can come to the rescue. This salmon is already cooked so if you're hungry and want to make that baked sushi faster and easier on yourself, crack open a can of salmon and use that for the topping instead of using fresh salmon. 

These are the brands of canned salmon you can find on the market.
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The good news? You don't have to scrimp on the salmon since canned salmon is cheaper than fresh, especially if you can source local brands such as SABA (P56 for 155 grams in oil in All Day Market) and Century (P145 for 150 grams on Lazada) or score a deal when the imported brands such as Bumble Bee (P337 for 280 grams on S&R on Lazada) and Kirkland Signature (P189.75 for 6 ounces on Landers) are on sale. Prices start at P56 for 155 grams of salmon in oil. 


Need more ideas on what else you can do with canned salmon? Here are two recipes to elevate your meals using canned salmon plus a few canned tuna recipes where you can make an easy swap using salmon instead: 

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1 Salmon Balls with Asparagus Rice Recipe 

Fish balls are super easy to make when you're using canned fish. These salmon balls are especially delicious since it's tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, courtesy of the breadcrumbs.  


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2 Spinach-Cheese Pancakes with Salmon and Egg Recipe 

Cheese pancakes are already a delicious play on sweet and salty for breakfast. Add in an egg and flakes of salmon to take it over the top and make it a breakfast worthy of serving for brunch with company at the table, too. 


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3 Salmon Burger Recipe 

Swap the canned tuna in this tasty tuna burger recipe with salmon for an easy salmon burger that you won't have to worry about cooking perfectly. Serve it topped with an easy tartar sauce made with mayonnaise and pickle relish for a truly delicious bite every time.    


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Oct 24, 2015

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4 Salmon Lumpia Recipe 

Lumpiang shanghai is easy and delicious but it can be Lent-friendly, too. Just swap out the ground pork and use canned fish instead. In this case, substitute the ground pork with canned salmon for a salmon lumpia that you can eat guilt-free during the religious season or any day you feel like eating fish. 


Canned salmon is just like canned tuna but with the added benefit of being salmon. If you love salmon more than you like tuna, this canned fish should be in your kitchen as a staple from now on.    


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