This Is Why Canned Tomatoes Make an Excellent Substitute for Fresh Tomatoes

Always keep a can of tomatoes in your pantry.

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Nothing beats a fresh, ripe, juicy red tomato...until the grocery runs out of stock and you're left with unripe green tomatoes. How are you going to make your pasta sauce now?

And as much as we love a fresh piece of fruit, tomatoes often involve a lot of prep work. When you're running low on time to do both prep work or a quick grocery run for a bag of fresh tomatoes, don't be ashamed to reach for the canned version in your pantry!

Canned tomatoes are an excellent substitute for many reasons. It's an affordable grocery item that we encourage home cooks to keep in stock on a regular basis. They are delicious, too! Here are our top reasons for pinning canned tomatoes as a good substitute for when you can't have fresh ones in your kitchen:

1 They use good-quality tomatoes.  

What makes canned tomatoes great in quality is the fact that they are ripened fully before being picked and cooked or stewed prior to the canning process. No matter what type of can of tomatoes you've picked up, you're picking out the ripest tomatoes from the bunch!


2 Kiss prep work goodbye.

Admit it: to make tomato sauces, stews, or soups, there are plenty of steps involved. First, you have to blanch or stew tomatoes, peel them, deseed them, and then wait for them to slowly reduce and thicken. But before this, you have to make sure you've picked out the ripest tomatoes in the grocery. Otherwise, you could end up with a bland dish. Canned tomatoes involve zero prep work and will save you plenty of time in the kitchen.

3 There's a can out there for all your needs.

Canned tomatoes come in different textures: there are whole, diced, crushed, pureed, and peeled versions that you could pick out for your specific dish. Whole tomatoes are the simplest: they are cooked tomatoes that are peeled and packed with tomato juice. Diced tomatoes are tomatoes that have been chopped into chunky pieces. Crushed tomatoes are smoother than diced tomatoes, and is usually mixed with a little tomato puree.

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