Make Your Wooden Spoons And Utensils Last Longer With This Easy Tip

Make your wooden kitchen tools last longer!

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We bet you have at least one wooden utensil in your kitchen. Be it a wooden spoon, wood chopping board, wood bowls, or even wooden chargers you bring out when company drops by, wood is a fantastic material for use in the kitchen. 

But, are you taking good care of your wooden items? Wooden chopping boards and spoons probably take the brunt of the work when it comes to the kitchen and need special TLC so that it remains clean and last as long as it should. 

Maintain a wood chopping board by treating it with oil to maintain its surface and protect it from wear and tear.
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How? Use mineral oil to coat and protect the wood. This oil is available in drugstores, and it's a better alternative to expensive beeswax and the best option compared to vegetable oils to maintain and condition your wooden utensils. It's marketed as a laxative, but unless you're drinking it by the spoonful every day, you won't feel its effects. What's great about mineral oil is that, unlike vegetable oils, it won't turn rancid over time. All this means is that you won't have to worry about your wooden tools smelling or even becoming sticky before it's time to treat it again. 

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This gorgeous wooden chopping board can double as a chopping board as well as a serving board for your meat and cheese platters when you have company.
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To treat and protect your wooden utensils, treat it like you would your cast iron pans but without the baking time. Here's what to do: 


Wash and clean your wooden utensils well. Leave out to dry completely at least overnight. 


Once completely dry, pour or brush the mineral oil all over the surface of the wood. Spead it out so it can completely coat the surface, including the edges and any nooks and crannies. You will immediately see a difference in wood's color as the oil is absorbed. 


Wipe off any excess oil from the surface of the wood as best as you can with a clean cloth or paper towel. 


Leave it to dry completely, at least a few hours or overnight. You know when it's dry when no oil residue is present on the wood's surface. 


Repeat the process at least one more time. 

These wooden utensils are best treated with oil, so it can protect the wood and make your tools last longer.
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Once your wooden utensils have been treated in this way at least once, you'll notice that your wooden utensils become a little bit waterproof. You may want to repeat these steps after a few weeks or whenever you notice the wood has become dry and the sheen from the absorbed oil has disappeared. 


With a little care and proper maintenance, even the most used chopping board can do double duty as a simple yet practical serving board for the roast chicken you're serving at a dinner party.

Apollo Mineral Oil (P53.25/60 ml and P87.50/120 ml) is available in Mercury Drug Stores.  

Here are more tips and tricks on how to care for your other kitchen utensils:   

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