P350 Frying Pan vs. P1,000 Frying Pan: Does It Make a Difference?

Which is worth it?

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Not all nonstick frying pans are created equal. We use this pan every day, maybe even at every meal preparation so the pan should be able to durable enough to withstand the daily rigors of a home kitchen. How do you choose one nonstick frying pan over those that might be cheaper or more expensive? 

Are expensive frying pans worth it?

The differences between the different brands of nonstick frying pans are more than its name. Many frying pans brag about its many features while others focus on its main asset. Here are the pros and cons of these nonstick frying pans: 

P350+ Nonstick Frying Pan

Affordable nonstick frying pans are great bargain buys. These are commonly made of aluminum to make these pans super light in weight, making these easy to handle with one hand. These kinds of pans are also commonly coated with a thin nonstick material that can either easily flake or chip off. This is the downside of many affordable nonstick frying pans. 


Since these kinds of pans are made on a budget, it probably doesn't have a heavy bottom. The thin layer of metal that separates it from the heat easily heats up but can easily warp if it doesn't distribute heat well. You might also experience uneven heating when cooking so you'll have to be vigilant in avoiding burn spots while cooking. 

However, nonstick frying pans are generally disposable cookware. No matter how easily the nonstick coating flakes or chips, the fact is that it will wear down eventually. The question is really if that moment comes sooner rather than later. For many affordable options, this comes sooner but doesn't hurt as much when it comes time to have it replaced or when you want to upgrade your pans along with your cooking skills. 

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The good news is that if you know how to take care of your nonstick frying pan, you can make it last longer and make it worth every peso you spent and more.   


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P1,000+ Nonstick Frying Pan 

More expensive nonstick frying pans are usually made with a combination of metals to create a durable yet light frying pan. While you can use this with one hand, it may be heavier due to the kind of materials it's made of. This can mean it also has a heavy bottom which will better distribute heat. An even distribution of heat means it heats more evenly and prevents warping of the pan through use. 


These pans may also be coated with a more durable nonstick coating that resists flaking and chipping. Some may be coated with the traditional-looking black nonstick coating or it can be coated in ceramic, enamel, or even the pebbly stoneware coating. 

However, none of these will prevent the eventual wear and tear of daily cooking. While it may take longer to develop the flakes, chips, and gouges that might otherwise be present earlier in more affordable pans, the more expensive pans will still develop these in time. It costs more to replace but you will be using the pan for longer. 


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