These Are Great Chili-Garlic Grocery Items You Can Buy

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If you love all things flavored with chili, you also know that when it's combined with the delicious flavor of fried garlic, it becomes irresistible!

Love chili? Love garlic? Here are a few great chili-garlic products that you need to try if you haven't discovered them yet: 

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Hot and Spicy Bangus in Olive Oil 

Bangus in a bottle is one of the most delicious and easiest ways of enjoying this bony fish! This bottle is packed with boneless fillets of fish. Since it's already seasoned, it's spicy and tasty right out of the bottle and loaded with lots of garlic bits in the olive oil. 

Plus, if you're on one of the best diets for weight loss such as the Mediterranean diet, this fits right into your diet easily. 

Greenfood Hot and Spicy Bangus in Olive Oil, 200 grams, P219, Robinsons Supermarket 

Chili Garlic Sauce 

When comes to Chinese ingredients, spicy ingredients such as chili garlic sauce is a staple.  This is a classic! It is also considered a condiment that is spicy and tasty enough to serve at the table as well as use in cooking, too.

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Plus, it's useful to have this kind of prepared sauce handy since it melds easily and deliciously into stir-fries, soups, and stews with little to no fuss. Need to amp up that pancit canton with some garlicky heat? Just spoon out what you need and add it in. 


Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce, 226 grams, P132.50, SM Markets 

Chili Crunch

Do you know anyone who loves eating the fried garlic chips and bits from dishes? Do they also pile on the chili paste to add some heat? If you know anyone who loves spicy garlicky dishes, this bottle of crunchy chili garlic bits is going to be their go-to condiment from now on! 

These fried garlic bits are not just crunchy but also spicy, courtesy of the chili cooked right along with the garlic in the oil.  This handy bottle makes it super easy to sprinkle on top of siomai, pasta, or even straight onto your plate of ulam and garlic fried rice. It's the ultimate instant topping for chili garlic lovers! 

Daddy Mikks Chilli Crunch, 150 grams, P250, Daddy Mikks

Photo by Robinsons Supermarket, Facebook/Purefoods Corned Beef

Chili Garlic Beef Instant Noodles

There are many spicy instant noodles on the market but only one specifically states that it has garlic included in the flavor profile that you should be tasting. Combined with the taste of the beef and the chili flavor, this is one tasty instant noodle meal that you should also try stir-fried. Check out this easy instant noodle hack

Ho-Mi Chili Garlic Beef Instant Noodles, 55 grams, PP8.40, Robinsons Supermarket 

Chili Garlic Corned Beef

When it comes to corned beef, it should be all about the beef! Corned beef is undoubtedly delicious and what we love the most is that the beef is juicy, tender, and tasty delicious. The result is a tasty beef ulam that's spicy and garlicky in a can that's super flavorful with every spoonful you take.

However, upon opening this can, you'll immediately be greeted with a layer of lard. This is a good thing. What people, in general, may not know is that "fat is flavor". This is actually a belief held true in many professional kitchens, and this is based on the fact that flavor compounds are more soluble in fat, such as that you'll find in oil and beef fat, than in water. What this means is that it's the fat where you will find the most flavor, not the soup. This is why spices are bloomed in oil, including chilis. That's why it's more common to find chili oil than chili water. It is just more potent and tasty. 


Does this mean that this can of corned beef is tastier because it's got more fat in the can? You need to try this corned beef version to believe it yourself! 

Purefoods Chili Garlic Corned Beef, 210 grams, P94, Walter Mart 


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